Sunday, October 22, 2006


We spent the major part of last night trying to get the wireless working between the two computers. Lord. My BIL and SIL (computer junkies) we kind enough to help me. However, they pride themselves in never following the instructions in the manual. Now, I find this just plain dumb. But, I didn't say too much as they were pulling out all the wires from the modem and pretending they knew where to stick them in the router. 4 hours people. At hour 3, I said, you have to follow the sequence of events as stated in the manual. I could not long hold my very large tongue.

They glanced up at me with disdain in their eyes, and had the nerve to say, I was being a bit of a "nit picker". "Nit Picker", my ass, I was tired, hungry and wanted it to be over. Just because I kept reading aloud from the (bible) manual every 2 seconds, does not make me a nit picker. I have to agree on one point that the installation CD's were very hard to install, when you required internet access, which at this point we not longer had. It's a long story. Eventually, they gave up, and mainlined it so I could have access to my laptop. They left, filed out, heads down. My wireless internet connection had "crushed" the two computer guru's like a squirrel under a Goodrich tire.

I cleaned up a bit. Wireless? My ass, we had so many wires all over my office I was tripping over them. It was a good thing I had some frozen stew left over from Tuesday or we would have to had ice cubes for supper.

We were just winding down, when Gord's bro phoned and said he had found a web-site that would do a quick install of the D-Link set up. He sent me the link. By this time we were bushed, and went to bed.

I woke up at 7:00 friken o'clock this morning and started to toss and turn. I knew this whole mess was waiting for me in the office, and I know I am computer stupid. Yes, I could probably go into the web site, download it etc. But "what if it asked me something I don't know how to do?" .... Turned over, and over, and over again. Got up, brushed my hair and combed my teeth and set out to do the impossible. The ball was in my court.

Cup of coffee in hand, I sat at my desk with a myriad of wires going everywhere. I found the link of my laptop which he sent me last night. I was shit scared I was going to screw up everything. After cup of coffee number 2, I pressed the link, and lo and behold, it was exactly the information we needed last night. So, I started switching wires around from the modem to the router ... As directed in the instructions!~ and did the quickie download, and whaaaa laaaa tee doh... I went wireless!! I had to work out a few bugs later, but guess what? I figured it out. I am a computer genius.

I have been moving the laptop all over the house today.

And it still works.

I still have small problem on the laptop, it says my wireless connection in not totally secured. Someone in our area could access it. The instructions to secure it might as well been in Greek, that much of a computer genius, I am not.

For now, I am very happy. I just won't do my banking on there.

I was going to do a picture collage tonight with all the places the lappy has been, but after laundry, haircutting of husband, walking the dog (who, by the way was a total bitch out there), and being a computer guru...I am pooped. I didn't even have the balls left to iron my jeans after they came out the dryer CRINKLED again. I'm not ironing them! I folded them very nicely and put a huge left over "patio stone" on top of them. I will hope for the best by Tuesday. You have no idea how much this annoys me. So, I will wear my old lady black polyester pants to work tomorrow, along with my black hoodie sweatshirt of course. Why should one dress up to go to work if you are on latrine duty?

Sunday night supper:

Yellow Chicken
Roasted spuds
Carrots and French Green Beans wit butta.

I bought a chicken yesterday at Superstore, and it was yellow looking. I asked the meat manager .."why the yellow fellow"? He said because it was probably corn fed. I said "so, then it doesn't have hepatitis?" "No", he yelled.."sheesh don't excited man, I was just asking". I sort of like my chickens flesh coloured, or maybe pinkish. It's cooking right now, and it smells different. It smells yellow. Damn that corn.

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