Wednesday, November 01, 2006

November is National Blog Posting Month

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You have to make do a "blog-a-day" or ummmm you might get shot. Just saying what I heard, don't get excited. "Fussy", a very amusing blogger started this last month, and it has taken off "like crazzie mon". You get to win prizes, and I want the one "Very Mom" is shaking in front of my face. A free template from a qualified person, no less. No, mish mash monkey business like I normally come across.

Now, I know I have made it hard for you to access their blogs, only because I don't know how to link stuff. If I had more than 10 minutes of spare time a day, you would see a nice little blue link, but alas, I am an ass. Just goggle it if you are in the least bit interested. But, if you sign up on Fussy's blog, make sure you post every stinking day, OR..she will shoot you.

Okay, I have the link, but it's not a hidden one like the pro's do, that say look here, and here, and here, till you what to throw up, and your finger gets tired of punching in the links that take you to a web sites you don't care about.

We are still climbing out the storm that mudder nature sent up on Monday. Finally, the folks driving are getting the hang of winter again. Gord has hooked the snow blade on my Explorer on Monday, and it's still there. He was going to do some work at the shop with it, but didn't have time. So, I get to drive the truck with Mr. Snow-blade attached.

It has made for an interesting day or two.

When the truck is parked, Mr. Snow-blade must be in the down position. There is a control unit inside which lets you control the hydraulics. And when you want to drive you have to put Mr. snow-blade in the upward position so he can't plow, while you are driving.

This afternoon, I made a little "oopsie". When I left work to come home for lunch, I just hopped in my truck and took off. Meanwhile, Mr. snow-blade was "in the down position" ready for some action. I got about a block before I realized I was pushing snow and ice. There was so much noise going on I couldn't hear the radio, forshitsake! Fortunately, I was at a stop sign when I noticed my error, and released the blade to the upward position, and she generously dumped the load on the street, and I went on my merry way. Had I not noticed it, I would have saved the City of Winnipeg 4500.00 in snow plowing fees before I got home. But, realistically, without moving the blade from side to side to move the snow, I would have broken the sucker off, and my ass would not have been worth 2 cents.

I must admit, I am finding this kinda of cool. I'm getting the hang of it. I'm ready to do me some snow dumping.

So, if you want to join in the NABLOPOMO ..go ahead, I dare you!!


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