Friday, November 03, 2006

The Balonie Chronicles

I am having a Balonie day. I am so full of balonie I could burst. "poof"...and balonie would spew into your faces. Nice..huh? You couldn't even cut it with a knife.

I'm going to make up a game, and tell you 5 truths about me with 1 lie in it. If you can pick up on the will win a dishwasher. Brenda didn't pick it up the last time she won it. What's up wit that? It still works! It only looks like shit. Fussy people.

So,if you think you know me...go for it!

1. I change my template at least once every two months
2. I drive an Ford Explorer, with a big MF'r snowblade on it
3. I have patio block issues
4. I love baloney fried with noodles and eggs with some ketchup.
5. I miss my husband, who left this morning for Ontario to pick up a car with his bro.

I would love to tell you the right answer, because I am having such a nice night curled up with my Penny. No fuss no muss. No crap, no drama.

I thunk I gave it away. So, I guess I will keep the dishwasher.

Unless Brenda still wants it?

Just one more thing. I found the most amusing website that will put GOOGLE to shame.

It is so funny, especially if you don't put your question in first...HAAAAA Make her work for it.

Okay..let me see where I put it. Okay it's not on my desk, and not in my wine glass, where is the fucking thing? Oh, shit it's right on a post-it-note on my monitor. How clever of me. Heads up:

That's all folks!


Brenda said...

I'll just have to keep this danged ole dishwasher I have now, that sounds similiar to a jet when it's reving it's engines for takeoff.

I almost picked the noodles one. Ha!

Brenda said...

P.S. It looks right snazzy in here!

Special K said...

I almost picked the noodles one, too.

This is just as well. My dishwasher is still OK.