Sunday, November 26, 2006

No mo mo.

I deleted the snowflakes because they were abotherin' some computers. So, now you can read my shit without a phoney piece of crap falling in on your eyeballs. I haven't finished editing my REAL Christmas blog yet, so be prepared girl scouts!

It's just been a lazy day here at the ranch. It's been snowing off and on all day. I took Penny for a walk this afternoon, without any consequences. Usually she tries to nab a jogger, or nip at an old lady, but today she only tried to rip the leg off a kid. So, things have improved. One step at a time I say. If I can only get her to stop biting the tires of wheel chairs then my job will be done. Any moving object is fair game.

Sunday night supper: borrrrrrrrring

Roasted Yellow chicken (corn fed) as I have been informed
Roasted taters
Gravy of course
Dessert: Maple Walnut Ice-cream...yessssssssss

I really have to get my ass going on making some better meals. Guess what I'm making for tomorrow? Chicken sandwiches! And if there is anything left over on Tuesday, I will make Chicken stir fry...and if there is anything left of Wednesday, which probably won't happen ... I will make chickenless spagetti. There ya go. Cuisine for the rich and famous. For some reason I have lost all interest in cooking. Maybe, just maybe, because I have been doing it for 40 fricking years and I'm just sick and tired of it all. I have get my mo jo back. It's seems like I am in a slump. I really would love to make some good old mennonite meals, but most of them are taboo these days with the high fat content. I need me some verenki...


JUST A MOM said...

well when I cool I have 3 to let me know somebody don't like sumthin. have a great week.

brenda said...

I've begun to feel the same way about cooking Miz Joan. I'm tired of cooking the same old things and Zach has gotten so grumpy about what he will eat and what he won't..irks me.

JimBob said...

Speakin' of snowflakes, here's a link to CJ's page. She has apparently solved the scroll limit.

AndiePandie said...

I lurve cooking although I am tired of seeing turkey already! I say go ahead and make the taboo food! Who's gonna know but us? ;)

Special K said...

Yeah, cooking when you have to do it every day gets old real fast. Thankfully, I'm an uncritical eater and only really knock myself out if I'm expecting company.

Which is this Wednesday, come to think of it. =D I'm making lasagne. Oooo...SAUCY.

(The lasagne, I mean. Well, and me too, I suppose.)