Thursday, November 02, 2006

Wireless is for the lonely

My wireless laptop, is still lesswire.

All my so called techie friends, have left the country. They no longer want to partake in a drink or two to fix the problem. I am looking at my laptop with disdain. The same laptop I almost breastfed. I am such a fool.

I am looking way, way up into the skies for signs of your signal. Why, wireless signal are you not coming to my house? Why oh why? I took off all my fridge magnets, just in case your beams were bouncing them off my computer. I turned off my ceiling fan, my washer, dryer, dishwasher, fridge, stove, microwave, TV, DVD player and finally the furnace to make way for your signal. You don't give me anything, unless you call 5% connectivity something. I hate you! And I am getting cold. The furnace was a last ditch effort. I hate you. Unless you didn't hear me the first time.

Personally, I think my router is trying to make contact with "Sputnik"...and if my memory serves me correctly, I was watching that sucker orbit the earth in 1957. So, if that is true, I can see why it is having communication problems in 2006.

Look at this!

The Sputnik launch changed everything. As a technical achievement, Sputnik caught the world's attention and the American public off-guard. Its size was more impressive than Vanguard's intended 3.5-pound payload. In addition, the public feared that the Soviets' ability to launch satellites also translated into the capability to launch ballistic missiles that could carry nuclear weapons from Europe to the U.S. Then the Soviets struck again; on November 3, Sputnik II was launched, carrying a much heavier payload, including a dog named Laika

OMG, it could be true. I might have a router that goes back in time.

Who do I tell? Michael J. Fox?

If Future Shop sold me a router that can go back in time, then I have struck GOLD.

But, the downside is, Sputnik is caput! And my router, poor little baby is still looking for the mothership! Leaving me wireless.

Do I sell it on EBay? Giving all the details? How much do you think I could garner for a router that only sees the past? BIG BUCKS! If people can sell pieces of toast that look like Jesus, I can sell a router who sees sputnik.

So, at last I have worked my way through my problem. That was writing is for, thinking things through, analyzing the problem, and coming to a conclusion.

I must apologize to any of you who came from Fussy's site to read my blog, I am not a polished writer as she is, and I know she likes all her i's dotted and t's crossed. But as much as I admire her, I just write from my heart.


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