Saturday, November 25, 2006

Damn it was close

I almost forgot to post, because I was watching a very interesting CBC documentary. CBC always does that shit the best.

I'm eating a bowl of Maple Walnut Ice-cream!!... I know it's old fart ice-cream, but I love it.

FORTHELOVEOFGOD...I don't have anything else Mrs. Kennedy, look at the drivel you made me post.. and yes I farted two minutes ago, my husband is
snoring so loud I could just take a towel, and put it over his face. So, is this where it's all going? Murder, mayhem all in the name of no ho month.


ellen said...

Sorry, I steered you wrong: We found our tree at Rona, not Home Depot. If that helps any.

Joan said...

I was wondering, because I went back into your blog and it said Rona. I didn't get a chance to go out today, but I will next week. Thanks!

AndiePandie said...

Hey Balonie it's me! Wheee! Although you didn't have to take those off all special just for me. :D But I sure do 'preciate it!

Brenda said...

I'm waiting for Sunday supper here.

Joan said...

Andie, no problem, I have been thinking of it all week, as wasn't to sure how to do it... but it worked!! I'm working on new one anyway:)

Brenda...hold yer horses it's comin.