Monday, November 13, 2006

Tomorrow is D Day

I'm going over to the other side. Beta, my friends. I was using it all afternoon on my Test Blog. It's pretty slick. After all the trouble I had last night trying to put up pic's, I said "that is enough." loud enough for all the little ears in China to hear. The new pics are easy to use and can be adjusted to suit your blog. They even have a little border around them, which, by the way, I love! My pic's were all over the map last night, and if there is anything I hate more is a messy looking blog. Yeah, I just said it was "messy"...I did not say cluttered, which I usually manage if I keep a template up long enough. They have a bunch of other stuff too, drag and drop stuff, header changes can be make quickly. Yadda yadda, but I didn't have any problems at all. And I put that sucker through the wringer I tells ya. I will enjoy the font feature, but I don't know if it will override my template font, I didn't try it.

Gotta to give those guys credit for trying to make our blogging experience a little less stressful. While I am changing to beta, I may as well change my template. For two days now, half of what I wrote was not visible to me! Eventually if appeared, but I think it might be a html error in the code. I will just choose a generic one until December. Then I get to put up my Christmas one!! Yahoo... So, I will be sure to save any comments anyone may have sent. Haloscan used to add the comments from previous entries back in the blog, but of late, they have not. I don't like them very much anymore. Yessss, I know it free, and what do I want "my money back?"

The dilemma of last week has been resolved. "D" called on Saturday, and said she had called for her Dr. Appointment in Winnipeg and was hoping for the last weekend in November, but she could not get it. She had to take an opening this Thursday. So, we will only be meeting for lunch. This is good. We can reconnect and actually see if we could make a whole weekend together. She might just hate me. I am annoying. I like everything my way. I am a princess with a pumkin head. Spellcheck asked me if I meant pemmican ..ha...yeah...balonie the buffalo head. I know I should have spelled it correctly.

I am still on holiday, I tried to sleep in this morning....until Gord's cell phone rang 4..count them 4 frickin times around 8:00 AM. For some reason he had his shop phone call forwarded to the cell..(*&$ Are people stupid? He never gets up before 9:00 AM!! After all, he has his own business and does things when it suits him. If that phones rings tomorrow morning, it goes into the pooper!! I will just drop it in the bowl. I swear. I am not a morning person to start off with, and I just want to lay there and watch the clock ... and know, I don't have to get up!!

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