Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I scalded myself!

While making wine.

How could you do that, saith you?

Well, I was cleaning out the "Carboy"... That's wine talk for a huge glass vat that holds the wine after you have fermented it in a HUGE plastic pail. And, yes I have more than one. One can never have to many Carboy's. Just like pool boys or Greenskeepers.

We have a bathroom downstairs where I have my grow opp. Is that one "p" or two? This is where I keep my Cowboy's ... opps Carboy's and all my wine making shit. It's awesome.

Well, today was wine making day, the first step had fermented, and I was about to start step 2. But, I had not washed out the Carboy's from the last session. This entails, bringing them into the bathroom, setting them in the tub, and turning on the hose to wash them out. I turned on the hot water tap first, and the hose that is attached to the tap started to spin out of control and the hot water hit my wrist, and scalded it. Do you know why normal hot water coming from a tap scalded my wrist, because "plow boy" turned up the hot water heater to high. You see, that bathroom is on the lower level, and by the time any hot water gets to the upper level, where we actually live, it's cooler and our dishwasher doesn't get the dishes clean...are you still with me? If not, nevermind. I will live.

I need pictures to describe the wine making process, but of course my friking camera batteries are dead AGAIN. I paid good money for those rechargable batteries and they are not worth a pinch of coon shit.

I am on holiday next week!! Time to relax and get to know my lappytop. I have to admit I find a 17" screen on a laptop a little disturbing. Everything is so stretched out it looks ridiculous. If you send me your pic, I will think your head has been stomped upon by a bunch of gang bangers. I don't know how people can watch the new TV's with the wide screens. It just looks silly. God knows I look fat enough in a normal pic, I don't need me no stretching..oh no.

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