Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I am speaking to you from Blogger Beta. CAN YOU HEAR ME? All of you who still are in the Blogger Old Folks Homes!!
I was warned I may not be able to comment on your blogs, and if I can't I will email you. But until then I will use all the features they have given me. DID YOU HEAR ME?

Lets try a picture shall we.

I went to to get my hair cut today, first I went into the internet to find a reliable look for me. I cut and pasted the hair do on my head. It's not the best look and while doing that it seems worms were coming out of the right side of my face. OR..maybe a microphone, I could have been a news anchor. Katie...look out! BTW, my haircut was not as successful as the picture. But, as they say, hair grows!!

Now that was impressive, I could drag and drop Mr. toliet seat anywhere I wanted him to go. So far, I am impressed. But he does not have a frame around him which I exclaimed about yesterday.

I don't know ....it all seems the same..but then I haven't had the chance to really have a go at it.

Yours truly,


Let's try one more time: It didn't work..fuckers..

Let's try again... see you soon.............. or not.

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