Thursday, November 09, 2006

Part 11

Okay I will regale the tale 11

After hippychick and then boyfriend starting going out, "D" was upset because the boyfriend neglected to tell her it was over, not that I think anything much was going on anyway. And I guess she has had that pot simmering over all these years as well as the pot she is still steaming about on the stove with her husband, because she mentioned her old love. How's that for a long unrelated sentence. She felt very sorry for hippychick because she had been wronged all these years ago by him, because he was the same kind of womanizer as her husband. and now the same thing happened to her. Gawwd Hippychick got over that a. long. time. ago.

She told me her husband of 30 years was "fucking every chick in the county"...did she only find that out after all these years? or had she know this for years and ignored it? I don't know, it was hard to get the facts. After all this time did her husband finally find that his prick worked and decided to use it in all the wrong places? It's a mystery to me.

What I gleaned from our Saturday night conversation, was that her husband was a whore monger, she left him, took nothing but the clothes on her back and her dog, and moved away to another state, and now lives like a pauper.

In her next sentence, she told me she was a grandma for the 3rd. time.! I was trying to get the conversation going with the new grandchild, but it always got back to the crap. I asked about her family, and got caught up with who did what. I asked about her kids, and she more or less said that they were on their dad's side and it it was difficult....oy...

She phoned this morning. I guess she forgot I worked.(she is a retired nurse). Gord answered the phone, apparently he does not work either. And said she couldn't come on the date we agreed upon as she could not get the appointment with her hearing specialist the day she wanted to come here. So, that brings us up to December.

I may be overeacting to this, but I would love for her to come over if she is still the person I reconnected with 12 years ago at her school reunion and was still the girl I knew when we were 16. Gord and I totally crashed the reunion! We had so much fun with all our American friends. We even sent Gord for a "beer run" just like the good ole days!!

She was very happy then, so I don't know what happened.

I just don't like "needy"...and that's what I am getting from her. But, if she wants to come here, and have fun, that would be good. Because that's all I got to give. I am sure the divorce was like her husband had died, but he was still alive. You still have the body..and no headstone. I can feel her pain. But I can't deal with all that information from a person I have not seen in decades. I have my own crosses to bear. I feel guilty. But, I just don't want to involve myself with a whole bunch of shit. I know where that goes.....>> in the pooper.

Well, lets see what happens, but one thing I will establish when she phones again, is that the dog has to stay at home if she comes here. Penny is a very hyper dog, and as you know does not play well with other dogs. I can't imagine an entire weekend trying to keep her from that poor dogs jugular.

God..I have to post again tomorrow. I better win a good prize. This is getting crazy I tells you!!

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