Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I have a dilemma part 1

Do you remember the old friend who contacted me last Saturday?

She phoned me last night, and wants to come to visit for a weekend. Huh? She lives in the US and it is a 300 mile trip. And she want's to bring her dog. halp.

I was a little flabbergasted, and was trying to remember what I had said to her on Saturday that would make her think we could spend an entire weekend together. I came up empty. But, knowing my big mouth, I must have said, "if you are ever in Winnipeg...comeonover"!! ..for the day (that was what was in my head).

She said she was setting up an appointment her hearing specialist in Winnipeg, and wanted to know which date would be suitable for me ..and kill two bird's with one stone so to speak.


The whole weekend? OMG

What do I do with a virtual stranger? I know she is bitter, lonely and has just come through a horrific divorce. When she introduced herself to me on the phone on Saturday, (after I swore at her, thinking she was SK) She said, "It's me "D" and I'm divorced. That is who she thinks she is right now..divorced. Not "D."

I know a friend of hers really well, that has been keeping me informed about what she is going through, and we have talked at some length. She says it will do "D" a lot of good to renew some old friendships and maybe she can start moving on. I will try, but I am scared. What do I do with her for a whole weekend? What will we talk about?..High school? We didn't even go to the same school, I was just her brother's girlfriend. We knew a lot of the same people. Work with me here, I am trying to justify my feelings.

You all know "hippychick"...

Well her husband was "D's" first boyfriend before they were married after she got pregnant with his child. Only because he had god they were only 18 years old. I was hippychicks bridesmaid, and I had to push her down the isle, because she did not want to get married.

But I digress... "D" had not quite come to terms with the break up of her and hippychicks soon to be husband.

part 11.. tomorrow.

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