Friday, November 10, 2006

On to better things

I am on holidays for a whole fucking week!! Excusea da frankephone. That is code for excuse my French, so spelling doesn't count. It never does in my blog, apparently!

I have a whole week TO MYSELF. No muss, no fuss. I'll damn well get up when I want to, I won't even get dressed. Okay, that is a lie. I will wear my oldest sweat pants..the one with hole in arse part. A little drafty, but nonetheless very soft and comfy. They are so old, they don't even leave any lint in the dryer. Now, that is comfortable!

I will slowly, but surely, mozzie around the house and pick up particles of dirt, and analyze it to make sure it is dirty enough for me to put my vacuum in that area. If not, it stays. I'm thinking of making an excel spreadsheet, and enter in the dirty areas and .. make a graph which will point me to the work areas that need doing. After all, what are computers for, blogs? I think not, they have more potential than that. I will have my house laid out in grids G1 (for Gee I have never even been in this room before) G2 (God look at the dog hair in here) G3 (Gosh darnit just look at that dirty kitchen floor)G4 (Gordon! try using the toilet) G5 (God..look at all those dust bunnies under our bed)! The last one is another lie, because dust bunnies can't get under our hippy water bed. They just park there asses behind the headboard where no vacuum can get them. They are invincible. And at night when the furnace comes on, they party back there. They fly up an down like fairies in the night. Sometimes a few of them fly right past the headboard and lodge in our noses when we are snoring. Then of course, we grunt, groan, and cough like ole folks do. This wakes up the dog. Now we have grunting, groaning, coughing and barking. Okay, now that we are awake, everyone has to take a piss, first Gord, then me, and then Penny. And we go back to bed, just to do it all over again at 5:00AM.

Who the hell cares.....I am on a weeks holiday!!!

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