Saturday, November 18, 2006

Thankyou Jeebus

After panicking all day about my Christmas blog, I realized because I had not totally switched over, I could keep on changing my templates!!! Sometimes I am a slow learner. But of course I will not have haloscan because they only see my blog in beta. They wouldn't let me do anything yesterday.

Not to shabby huh? All Christmasy and stuff. And just tacky enough for my liking. I know I put it up once before as a joke, but this time I am perfectly serious. heh.

So, there you have it!! I'll keep hammering out templates till blogger shuts me down.

You, dear readers will have to put up with blogger comments..sowwy!!!

The AA crowd will be here soon, so I gotta fly. Nothing like seeing old folks streaming in and yakking about their aches and pains...then 1 hour later and two glasses of wine later, doing handstands.

I am so happy I figured it out, actually I had figured it out before, but forgot I figured it out..GO FIGURE! And I think my friends are a little slow on the draw, I got them beat by a mile.



Brenda said...

Ohhhhhhhh it looks so Christmasy in here!! I like it!! I've been working on mine and I'll get it up after Thanksgiving.

Blogger comments aren't so bad, I use them because I kept screwing up the haloscan one. Ha.

JimBob said...


The snowflakes are clipping at the bottom of the original window frame. If the window is scrolled using either the thumb on the scrollbar or the mouse's wheel they disappear about where the line "archive" is in your sidebar.

Leslie said...

I like it :) I'm just startin' to feel that Christmas Spirit and this helps big-time. : )

Joan said...

Brenda, I am just so glad I didn't screw it up.

jimbob, yes I see what you mean. The snowflakes would get annoying anyway if they went any further! I don't know how to fix it.

Leslie, It's a little early, but I have 2 more Christmas templates waiting on the sidelines. ha..