Monday, November 20, 2006

Pigs are us

I was so discomboobulated yesterday, I forgot to tell you about my Sunday Night Supper:

I called it "Dining with Swine."

A Hefty pork loin roast...roasted to perfection, along with pan taters
Homemade apple sauce
Mixed veggies (beans, carrots and corn)
Swine gravy
Fresh rolls (around our bellys)
Dessert: Swine ... opps I meant a wee glass of "ice wine" It's very sweet, but it put the swine to rest in our tummies.

Then we went to our pig pen and dug a deep muddy hole, and went to sleep.

That's what pigs do.

I haven't heard any feedback from my family blog yet. I was a little concerned because sometimes I tend to write like I do here on my private blog. I didn't swear, except maybe I said Arsehole once or twice. But, I think they know me well enough to know..that I just say what is on my mind at the moment. Mind you, I had to censor myself several times. The best part was when my nieces Cheri and Lisa sent in their email, just as I was about to publish the blog. Everyone knew the deadline, but you know kid's...and they pushed it to the last minute!! I was so happy just to have someone of my side of the family to give some feedback. My two fav little arseholes!!!

I love them to pieces, they are a mirror image of me, with their flagrant sense of humour. (and no we don't look alike). When my bro and I were young, we always went a little outside the box, and loved to laugh. His girls are a very good example of their father, and my family.

Okay, you guys convinced me, I will go into photobucket and get the shot of my two neices on crack.
They love to try to amuse me, now my only wish is they would send me a pic of them when they are trying to be funny. Girls, the nose thing is gettin old!! But it really fits in with my Pig theme today. You are the best!

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Deltachick said...

Ha! I can see they show their love in many ways!

Deltachick said...

Well shit that was me, but it put up my beta trial blog id!

brenda said...

This sucks,,this is brenda!

ellen said...

Such lovely girls....

Special K said...

They've definitely got your charm.

Leslie said...

I wish I had an Auntie Joanie.

Joan said...

Brenda, you gotta go and change the tab that says don't show my other blogs in "settings" I believe.

Ellen...aren't they lovely. I'm going to enter them into the "pig scramble" next year at the Altona Sunflower Festival. I can't loose.

SK..I KNOW!! The trick is, if you don't have your own kid's, try to pass on the family genes anyway you can.

Leslie... I could be you Auntie Joanie balonie.. well maybe not after I tried to see Carl's biceps today..oy .. one step over the line sweet Jesus!