Thursday, November 23, 2006

Drinking on a budget

Last weekend when I was on holidays I decided to clean out some of the cluttered places of our happy home. The liquor cabinet came to mind. Why? Because there was What you say!!! No more room in the Inn for spirits? How could that happen? I'm here to tell you there are way to many "well meaning" people in this world that want to get you plastered.

I always host the family Christmas parties, so the "well meaners" as I call them bring some spirits to our home as a hostess gift or such. Most have been aging in our liqour cabinet for about 20 years now, and I had to make a move before someone lit a match and we all blew to hell.

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Tequila? Do I look Mexican? Why would you bring me a bottle of Mexican hootch? Okay, I know, you are the rich relatives that just got back from Puerta somewhere. Thanks, but Gord likes lite beer, and I like vats of homemade wine.

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Ozzo disguised as a Mandolin. Somebody just back from Greece!! Caught you! It must have cost 2 bucks at duty free.

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Now, this is cute. Thanks relative! It's nice champagne fit only for the rich and famous. So, we are keeping it until one of them shows up.

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Jamacia mon!! How thoughtful. You could have asked us to join you on your holiday. Now you want us to drink this man. I can't drink anything in a container that looks like he would die after I finished the bottle. No, it just doesn't seem right.

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Grain Alcohol, more deadly than Bin Laden. We have had this bottle of Everclear in our liqour cabinet for 25 years. As a reminder of what not to do when you are young. You don't want to know...but after two drinks "Bob will more than your uncle." Just kidding, I don't know how we ever got this bottle, but I do remember drinking it when I was just a pup..and talking to the big white phone...never again..Gord was probably trying to get into my pants and he got puked upon.. Lesson learned.

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Peach schnapps..harmless, but whoever brought this.. come back and drink it. Maybe I could use it in a recipe. It might be good in a chicken recipe...

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Now this was a present from our old auntie Tina..(91 years old) how can you loose with a bottle of Communion wine. I remember that Christmas, and she was in great form, I'm surprised after a few "Baileys," she didn't baptize someone. I just love my (Gord's) auntie Tina. She is such a hoot. I hope I can be like her, should I live that long.

So, anyone wanna come over for a drink? We have a lot of stuff to get rid of.

We will save it for you...

If not I'm thinking of holding a garage liquor sale...1/2 off the normal price which was we will owe them.

Hey, I never realized how many Americans like pie, until I read all the blogs today. Ya'll must have some big ole pie holes...

I love pie.

Peace Pilgrims.............


Phyllis said...

That was a cute tour of your liquore cabinet, thanks, but no thanks for me! Been there, done that, and hopefully never will again!! But I LOVED peach schnapps!! Poured over an ice cube all by itself. NUM!!

ellen said...

Peach schnapps with orange juice makes a yummy fuzzy navel. And tequila? Geez, buy yourself one of those tubs at Wal-Mart and make a slush. Great for summer.

Lisa said...

I'll take it off your hands :)

Joan said...

Phyllis, Gord like peach schnapps too, but we forget it's in the cabinet most of the time.

Ellen..never thought of that, and throw in the bottle of everclear. That should make a good show for the neighbours, a bunch of old farts streaking in the cul de sac..yeah I should do that. wish.

Special K said...

I'd be happy to help you. Maybe this summer?

Z said...

Can I raid your liquor cabinet!!??
You seem to have a mighty fine one!

Anonymous said...

everclear thats what im talkin bout!