Sunday, November 19, 2006 tired.

I almost forgot to post. I have been struggling all day with my yearly family newsletter post. I have a blog for them, but it wouldn't work. It wouldn't show any pics. You don't want to know all the shit I went through to get the blog up. Blogger would not let me post a pic. So I had take ALL the pics I was sent and put them in photobucket, and then put them in one by one in their entry. Along with editing, and my own shit to the newsletter I was starting to puke . Fuck. I sure hope they enjoy my efforts, because if I get any grief, I will give them a boot to the head.

Back to work for me tomorrow, back to normal...and dog won't make sad eyes at me anymore.


Brenda said...

Back to work already? The week went by much too fast! Hope your Monday is a good one!

Special K said...

Aww...someone needs a handshake.

Leslie said...

That time off went wayyyy too fast. (As if you need me to tell ya that). Any holidays coming around Christmas other than the regular ones?

Joan said...

Brenda, it went waaaay to fast. Today I felt ill going to work, but once I got there, it was like slipping into an old shoe.

Sk, putter here.

Leslie, yes I think I will have at least 4 days, but of course I used up all my holiday pay for this year, so it could be a little tight. But, who cares. We get slow around Christmas so the boss just closes up shop along with most other Contractor's. But I don't mind. Time off is better than money.