Tuesday, November 28, 2006


It's been a snowy day here in Manitoba.

Penny has been flying in the snow like the wind. When I throw the ball from the deck into the back yard she loves it, especially when it disappears in the snow, and she has to find it. We did this 5765 times and she always brings it back up to the patio door. All this, while I am making supper. Make supper, throw the ball, make supper, throw the ball. Then when the official playtime is scheduled, I put on my big snow boots, my parka, my mitts, my bottle of 90 proof rum, and stumble into the back 40. I threw the ball, taking great care not to spill the rum. She won't play with me?First, she chased a wabbit who was hidding behind our shed..holy cow she can move..but the wabbit was faster than she was. They ran in so many circles I got dizzy. It was so awesome. The rabbit was clearly the winner. After that it was all downhill, her little hoofers were so cold she could hardly move, and she wanted back in. After I let her in, I got some carrots out of the fridge and put them behind the shed...just in case the wabbit comes back, it would have a snack, if for nothing more than entertaining me and my dog.

We didn't have as much snow as expected, so it won't really be a hardship. But Plow Boy is gearing up. Get ready. Because it ain't gonna be pretty.


Anonymous said...

Hi Joan, Your backyard looks so pretty with all that snow! We, of course, aren't having any snow where I live in CA - it's been cold tho! What happened with the polar bear that you killed yesterday! That was a great post! I'm glad that you didn't let him get the best of you!

Anonymous said...

Whoops! Sorry, Joan that last comment regarding the snow and the polar bear was from me! I don't think that my name shows up unless I print it here > Patty

Brenda said...

I love looking at it, the snow, in your photo. I think that's as close as I want to get to it right now though. :-)

Since you're already activity trained, "cook, throw, cook", and all that, want me to send up a few of these grandkiddies to keep you running a little more?

Leslie said...

Your Penny tales are all the sweeter after having read her story. That is one lucky, spoiled as rotten as she should be dog.

I saw a big golden retriever the other day wearing those doggie boots. It looked like it was doing some kind of foreign army march.

Special K said...

Holy crap! Look how far up the trees that snow is!

Man, I don't miss Winnipeg.

Joan said...

Patty... that polar bear is going straight back to the store. He was a mean sonofabear.

Brenda..hmmmm throw me a few grandbabies and I'll see what I can do. No promises.

Leslie...those boots are a hoot. I saw a dog in the pet store the other day with them on, and he looked like he was marching to Hitlers orders.

SK.. I should have mentioned that was not from this winter but from last year. I haven't had a chance to take a pic outside yet. But it will eventually look the same.