Friday, November 24, 2006

The fish is in the freezer

Well, I couldn't stand it anymore, the little guy had to meet his maker. If you have ever had a fish tank, you will know that only the strong survive, and they will harrass those that are weak. That happens with humans too. Today, I saw the other fish in the tank constantly picking on him, when he could barely move. It was time for him to go to the freezer. He was in bad shape, and now he will just slowly levitate in a state of freezingness. I got one more fish to go, and that will be it! I will not go to Petland tomorrow and buy him a friend. Come on people..."SAY IT WITH ME"...I WILL NOT GET ANOTHER FISH!!

... he's looking mighty lonely in there all by himself, but then, if he has any fish sense he will know .... more food for me!!

It was certainly easier saying goodbye to this guy than the last two fish that had grown to such mammoth proportions, and could have easily been a nice snack. This guy was only a sardine. But he was my sardine...and I loved him...buh bye little guy..see ya at rainbow bridge. You will know me, I always wear sweat pants and a sweatshirt with a hoodie. I should really get my list together to make sure I can pick all of them up on my way out.

These are the guys I have to pick up: (since 1951) Skipper, Meatzie, Greyone, Sadie, Blacky, Puss, Snowball, Meizermeats, Pywacket, Flower, Pecker, Angel, Munchie, Wiggles, Big one 1, Big one 11, and Sardine. A menagerie of dogs, cats, birds and fish. They all hold a special place in my heart. I will take care of little sardine until he decides to go belly up, but then I will take the tank down. They all lived a very good life, and I was so happy to have them in mine.


JimBob said...

I find it hard to generate any sympathy for a fish in a freezer.

Fish like to eat like everything else on the planet. Go to this link and perform the subtraction in the lead paragraph...

Special K said...

Did you mean to write 'sweatshit'? Cuz really, that's kinda cool

Joan said...

SK..maybe it's time to get new glasses, I see sweatshirt??:)

ellen said...

Poor fishy.

About our tree: We got it at Home Depot. They have a varied selection there. Ours has only 400 lights, but over 1100 tips. It's 6 1/2 feet tall, in deference to the low beam in our rec room.

Brenda said...

I guess he'll meet up with that little fish dude we buried a few short weeks ago and they'll have some fun in fishy heaven. Poor little dude.

I was just reading your Spirits post. I'd take the tequila off your hands but I only drink Jose Gold cause that Mexican stuff makes my mouth go numb (but not numb enough, if you catch my drift).

I like Peach schnapps straight out of the freezer on a hot summer day. Good stuff.

No rum, never, never, again. Last time I did rum I was dancing with some dude and we rearranged the big screen tv in the sports bar.

I could send cousin Kathryn up there to ya, she cleaned out my wine supply while she was visitin. :-)

Special K said...

You must have changed it. ;)