Sunday, November 05, 2006

I did it!!

I got my wireless network working.!

Not really, the D Link was just a piece of crap. It's back in the Future Shop bag from whence it came, ready for some name calling when I produce my receipt and my long long story, on how it almost gave me and my two children (desktoppy and lappy) herpes. I think I will sent it back with Gord, I'm not good at confrontations, he on the other hand lives for it. He should really start a new business called the "REFUND GUY." His slogan could be..."YOU BOUGHT IT, I FOUGHT IT." But, that is past tense, hmmmm.. what about "YOU BUY IT, I'LL FRY IT!"

I have had a serious lack of sleep, so I'm blogging "punchy."

I still have to get desktoppy and lappy to communicate together, but that will be another day, when I can scoop up some unsuspecting friend that has 1 smidgen of "My Network" knowledge, that I have not approached once before. It's slim pickin's I tell you. I running on empty.

Sunday night supper:

Centipede Stew

One small problem, I forgot to put the Centipede in the pot and he was desperately trying to get in on the fun!! Nothing better than Centipede drumsticks..and so many of them! Yum.

Like I mentioned last night. I got a call from an old friend I haven't seen for a trillion years. When I answered the phone, she played with me for awhile and said, guess who this is? Ohhh man! I hate that. Then I thought it was Special K, playing a game with me. HA... I said " in the fuck are you?" and it wasn't Kat..heh! It was my long lost friend..and I said the "F" word. geezzz... ma face was red.

After that we had a long chat and got caught up in each other lives. Her brother was my 2nd. boyfriend many years ago, so that is how we hooked up. She is in the midst of a messy divorce. So, I heard a lot of moaning and groaning. Lord. Getting divorced after 30 years of marriage and 3 children. It's heart breaking.

Time for me to hit the hay, Gord is already snoring his brains out. He was pretty tired after driving all the way from London Ontario this weekend. He and his bro drove all the way back without stopping to sleep. I was so pissed at them. BIL bought a car called a Prowler. It's a cute little car, very unusual. It's only a two seater and they were basically sitting in a cockpit all the way back. Fortheloveofmenandtheretoys!!!

Anyway I gotta fly, before me peepers peepout.



Special K said...

Oh, way to go on the phone guessing game! Ha ha!

Joan said...

Jeezzzz I thought it was you, but I soon realized my error. But it was all good anyway, except for the whining.