Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Day ..whatever of the blogyourselftodeath

Oh, here I am again. God will this never end. I don't even have time to check out my fav blogs. I have been so busy at work, and that is where I normally do that. So, if you thunk the balonie forsaked you..no so.. I will be back.
When I did my family blog on Sunday, I put up some of my pic's where I cartooned (in a sense) my frustration with the process of putting down patio blocks. I also added some of my laptops cartoons. You all have probably seen this.
I got some good feed back from my nephew and niece in Great Slave Lake. They said their son Jeremy who is three years old, cannot get enough of it. He wants to see Auntie laying on the ground, crawling to the pond for a drink, then grow a pumpkin head and sit at the patio table having a beverage, then get hit by a ladder, and then get hung and eaten by her dog, over and over. I think I am in the wrong business! Kid's love this shit, and it's my life!! I need to write a kid's book. How hard could it be?


brenda said...

You're so right. Write the kid's books, range the reader's ages from 1 to 10 and I'll purchase your first 8 editions!

AndiePandie said...

Can only stay for a short time, just wanted to say HI! :) The falling snowflakes kill my machine for some reason and make it heat up. Dunno why.

Magpie said...

Found you through the Randomizer...love the snowflakes!!

Joan said...

Brenda, yeah kid's would just love to see an ole broad flapping in the wind ... I have always wanted to do that, and you know, one day I will! If I can't get it published, I can always bind it up and send it to my friends.

Andie!! Those little guys are frying you computer? yikes.. are you on firefox? Could be the problem. Let me know, and I will take it down.

Anyone else out there in la la land who is having this problem? If so, please let me know.

magpie...Hi! Glad the snowflakes work for you. Thanks for stopping in. I love the Randomizer, you get to see all of the blogs.

katerina said...

Heh. I'd definitely buy that book.