Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dog Face

Don't give me that face!! I have opened and closed the patio door 876 times today, what is it that you want little one? Okay, come on in little critter....oop's did the door close too quickly and catch your godamn tail! Okay that did not happen, but I was "this" close to making it happen. When I'm home all day, I am her bitch, and I have to do what she wants me to, so I went downstairs and brought out the Christmas Reindeer ears and the Santa hat that she so dearly loves to wear.

She finally got off my back... I know she looks so pathetic, like no one loves her and nobody plays with her, and life just totally sucks...she has that face even when she is happy, so don't be worried, this goes on

Went out for lunch with my American friend that is a story for another day...and she was directing traffic in the parking lot...ahem. So, I'm thinking she has a lot more going on than I thought. And she is making plans to come up here again........ call the police.

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