Wednesday, November 29, 2006

One more day..

And I'm sort of getting the hang of posting every night. It's not that bad unless you are on the other end of the crap. I am a creature of habit, and once I have a habit, it's a lifelong committement. God forbid, I have habitchulized myself again. I made up that word. There are so many things I do out of habit, I don't even realize I am habitized until, I nerviously keep checking my watch for whatever habit needs attending. If I get an hour behind the task I have complete, I get a little cranky.

Like today... I had to go the bank at 4:45 PM to sign my life away..oops I meant to say.. sign some papers. Well, at 4:45 PM I should be in Safeway buying something for supper, because I am not well organized and don't make big shopping trips during the weekend. The thief, geez..(I meant the Bank Manager) took waaaaaaay too long to explain why I needed to sign on the dotted lines. My mind was was already 4:55 PM and the reason I was there was to sign my name on ONE document and get the hell out of there. I never heard a word she said. Finally she asked me if was in a hurry. What was her first clue? I never sat down, (was it my body language?) .. or the way I kept waving my watch in her face and yelling, "the people at Safeway will be wondering where I am bitch"...let's get on with this."

I signed this, I signed that, and by the time it was almost over with only one more paper to sign, it was 5:10 PM. Gawd!! I was way off my schedule!! THEN, get this, Gord asked a question. The fucking nerve! I thought we were just signing pieces of paper, without asking any questions because we think we know what we are doing. I gave him a look that would have made a semi trailer driver swerve into on coming traffic! Unfortantely for me, he is used to these piercing ugly looks I throw his way, and paid me no mind.

Then he and the manager go into a million logistics why and what and how! So, I picked up my purse and told the both of them, if my signature was not required today, I was out of there. They both stopped talking. Gord starting backing off of his soapbox, and the manager hers. It was very quite. I signed, Gord signed... and I was out of there at 5:35 PM. Nothing could be done without my signature, so why not have a sweet little power trip. And it worked. I was at Safeway at 5:40PM. It is just down the street.

I only got home around 6:00 PM, but that was okay because I was only making soup and sammiches, and Penny's play time was cut off because it was too cold out there for her hoofies. Essentially I made up for all the lost time when I got home. So, I think I am back on schedule. Phewwwww.. It's hard being so anal. I have a big bum hole.

However, I can be spontainious. But make it on a weekend. During the week? yeah, I'm anal as hell. Seriously, I never used to be, but when you get older (yeah I know) and still have to work the hours you did when you were young it's easier with a schedule. Even when I was in my 50's I never had the analnis factor..made that word up too..I'm guessing as you grow older, you need more stability in your life, something you can count on. I used to laugh at my parents who HAD to eat at noon, and have supper at 6:00, and watch Johnny Carson at 10:30. I'm getting there, except for the supper part, we never have supper until 8:00 PM. or later. And that is just only because Gord has always has worked late because he has his own business. That doesn't bother me at all I am so used to it, eating at 6:00 would seem so strange. I said.

I was reading the paper today and saw TV Lands 100 best catchphrases.

How about I put a few of them on every time I post and you guess who said it?

I will end my post with it. Some are very obvious, and others, not so.

Guess where these came from:

"I know nothing!"

"Say goodnite Gracie"

"We are two and wild crazy guys"

"You've got spunk"


"This is the city"

Okay... enough


Special K said...

I hear ya. If I have no routine in place, I'll do exactly NOTHING.

Not that I mind doing nothing, but then I wind up doing my laundry while wearing nothing but a baseball cap. This is a problem when you live in an apartment building.

Brenda said...

"I know nothing!" Colonal Klink on Hogan's Heros

"Say goodnite Gracie" Jackie Gleason on the Honeymooners

"We are two and wild crazy guys"
Steve Martin?

"You've got spunk"
I have no idea

"Schwing" duh,,don't know

"This is the city" don't know that either

How'd I do other than missing over half?

I need routine too, lately I've had none and it screws with my head.

JUST A MOM said...

ssooo you mean your a CONTROL FREEK,, yeah I once was too, then I got 6 years of theropy. I still get into some of the silly things once in a while. But the kids let me know real fast.

Mary Lou said...

NONONONONON Brenda! It wasnt Jackie Gleason, it was George Burns to Gracie Allen!

I have NO IDEA who all said the rest.

Dont you just love to watch the dogs play in the snow?

Anonymous said...

1. Sgt. Schultz (Hogan's Heros)
2. George Burns
3. Steve Martin
Don't know the rest - I enjoy reading your blog - you make me smile!

katerina said...

4. "Schwing!" Both Wayne and Garth would say that on "Wayne's World."

I have no idea what #5 is.

Sally said...

Yep, George Burns, the only one I knew! Those others must be older than dirt; oh wait, I'm older than dirt, so must be, never mind.

I LOVE your Christmas background, and the words you make up!! You're a trip alright. :)

Joan said...

Sk..I sure hope that cap was big enough to cover yer cootie.


I put the results on my blog today, you got some right.


JAM...yeah I think I am a control freak, but everything usually seems way out of my control.


Mary Lou...I love to watch her play, but today it's too cold, she froze up. It seems so unfair..she has been shedding for 4 weeks, and now when she needs the's all in my fricking carpet.


Anom...yer close


Katerina...yes !! you got the one I didn't think anyone would.
Hi Sally...long time no see. We are both older than dirt my dear. But, if you think of it, when you composte stuff and it turns into dirt, old are we? It's new dirt!