Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Gettin over it

I'm getting over the frickin snow already. It's here, I have taken my maiden voyage, and it's all good. Even the tires the size a redwood tree stump have not deterred my driving ability. Now, don't be going and asking the other drivers on the road, there might be a differing opinion yaknow. But, as of now, I just don't give a ding dang shitaroo..

My dog has turned out to be a weenie dog... no more play time in the back yard. Well shit, there is only 3 to 4 foot drifts back there, what's yer problem? I threw the ball out there after work, she ran for it, and stuck her snout in every available hole that it might have fallen into, and came back in ..lifting her tiny paws in coldness. I let her in. She sat inside at the patio door and whined and I had to put my big industrial sized winter boots on and try to find a little teeenie ball that had fallen into a snowdrift. Her favorite ball. This was a catastrophic event. I had eyeballed it when I threw it, but once I got down into the yard, the parameters had changed. I was a might confused. She was right behind me, sticking her nose in every hole. Finally, I climbed back up on to the deck,(seven stairs) and looked it over again, and found the hole in the snow where it had gone down. So, I made a mental note of it's whereabouts. BUT, when I got down the stairs I must have had a stroke, with all the heavy boots and climbing of stairs ..up an down...(as SK would say)...clump, clump.. and my mental note of where it had disappeared into the cold dark night was a goner. Penny was devastated, devastated I say. We climbed back up to the deck, and I put her in the house because she was doing the "paw shaking bit"... Again I ventured down the stairs with my industrial sized boots ...that were probably 3 inches longer than the snow covered stair step. That meant I had to go down the stairs sideways in order not to topple over on me head. But, being a PRO at this from year to year, I managed. I found the f*ng ball. I triumphantly brought it back in, and she totally ignored it.


It's all about the dog. Well, I don't think so. Next time you want it thrown out the door, and iffn you don't find it...stay out there until you DO. TOUGH DOGGIE LOVE...I'm all about that. And she better not look at me with those huge brown eyes, and pretend she's cold and shit.

I'll be back in minute...she can't find her ball.

Thanks for playing

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