Sunday, November 13, 2005

Mr. Clean Hangover

I was wondering why my breath felt so fresh after lunch yesterday. That some kinda high. I didn't even have to go down and my hands and knees to wash the kitchen floor, I just spit on it, and wiped. Clean as a whistle. No fuss... or is it, my way or the highway, or is it, don't bite the hand that feeds you...or maybe take this job and shove it. It's all relevant. Or not. The trouble with drinking Mr. Clean, you become addicted after the first bottle. Just like crack. I'm craving a liter of it right now. I'm feeling just a smidge jittery...or do I just want to jitterbug...I don't know. Mr. Clean has taken hold for my brain...

The worst part, is your compulsion to clean just about anything. Penny is spotless. And she smells very nice. It brings the Stepford wife in one. I added an ounce to my nightly glass of wine, very refreshing. Here is my first wine review on the subject.

Rather yellow in color; the first time around the nose seemed fine, with modest pear fruit, and in the mouth there was plenty of acid to balance the fruit. The second time around, after I had tasted everything else, some flaws emerged. There is a hint of caramel in the nose, and also in the taste, suggesting that this is past maturity and on the downhill slope. But is wipes up good.

I may have added to much Mr. Clean. I will make a note of that in my wine journal.
I'm feeling very tidy.

The only side effect I can detect, is that when I urinate, there seems to be some soap action happening. But, let's not let that be a negative factor, after all, when we can clean the toilet and urinate at the same time, the obvious benefit is ....It's a time saver... and I am all about that.

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