Thursday, November 10, 2005

Yesterday and today.

So, here we are again. A long weekend coming up. I get to sleep in tomorrow morning. Lord, I can't wait. I had a late night last night. I came home, got supper ready and put it on hold, because Gord had to stop in on his way home to check out a neighbor's freezer. I was just blogging away, and forgot about the time, until I realized it was 8:30...well jeepers, he was supposed to be here at 8:00 at the latest. I called the answer..I called his cell, and it was turned off. Oh, shit, here goes, what in the hell happened NOW!

I kept on calling for about 20 minutes, without any luck and decided to call his brother, because they ususally meet up after work. When I called him he said he was supposed to meet Gord, but another buddy in the next shop told him he was in the hospital. WTF! Apparently he got bit by a dog. Well for shits sake. I couldn't wait to hear this story Gawwwd, and why the fuck didn't he phone me?? I finally reached the emergency room at the Victoria Hospital, and asked it they had a dog there that was bitten by some man. Yes, they did. I said is the dog's name Gordon. Yes it was. I asked to if I could speak to the dog, he said, sure. When the dog finally got to the phone, I asked him what had happened?...he woofed...and indicated that a guy slipped off his leash and ran out in the road and a motorist ran over him. He, being a kind dog, decided to lift the injured human into a car, and the guy bit him on his paw. He said he couldn't believe it, he thought a man was a dog's best friend, and the guy bit him. I asked him if his paw was okay. Apparently the guy bit right through his it was painful, and he wasn't sure if this guy had his rabies shots, therefore decided to go to the hospital. I told him it was obvious to me why he was not getting good service at the hospital....he should have gone to the vet.

Okay, enough of that:) He spent 4 hours in emerg. just to look at his finger...and the arse didn't call me. He said he kept thinking he would be the next one in ...yadda yadda. So, to make this stupid story shorter, he got his finger bandaged, tetanus shot done (I was hoping they would poked him in his ass, but no, they did it in his arm). Nothing ever goes my way. He got home at 10:30 PM and supper had shriveled up to a prune. I served it on two slices of bread, and called it a night. I hope he wasn't too cold sleeping out in the dog house last night.

We don't know how the dog fared, but the lady that ran over him took him to the vets as soon as Gord got him in her car. The owners were there and went with her. So, hopefully the little critter will be okay. Gord thinks he was just stunned and scared and that's why he bit him.

Brenda sent me something yesterday I think you should see. I never realized she had such high regard for me. I am geferfuzzled by this. I didn't think the "mericans" knew I existed, and held me in such high regard. I guess it pays to wait for good things to happen to royal peeps. From now on, all of youse guys might just want to call me "your royal hindness"....huh? It think it's a good fit. God Save the Queen. And now, Brenda is my new best friend.

Just a note, I had defaced the pic, by drawing in a moustache, just so it would be more in my likeness you see, but I removed it, I don't need all the press.

Queen Balonie

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