Monday, November 07, 2005

This might come in handy over the holidays

I found this free glitter-maker on the net.

It takes a minute to show up. It wouldn't fit on my side bar, it pushed everything down. I wonder if I could get a bigger side bar or is it a standard size? Too bad the background isn't transparent, it would look better. I know, it's free, I'll quit my bitchin.

HOLD ON THAR BABALOUIE I just saw it again, and it decided to go some place dropped to the bottom like a ROCK... that's what yee gits for nuttin honey.

I am right into it today, looking for Xmas crap to put on my side bar, I found this ahem "gem" but I might have to do somemore lookin.

I have decided TODAY...that I will have real Christmas Tree in my house this year. It will smell wonderful, and not look perfect, because I will get one that looks like the one we used to have at home. I will struggle with the stinking tree stand, I don't care. It's time I did it the old way. I have been on ebay looking for the old time "lead tinsel"......there is a lot of it out there. Today's tinsel doesn't fall like the old tinsel. It just doesn't drape on the tree like it used to, and flys off when you walk past it....lands on your ass, and yer wearing it as you walk out the door. NO..I want the old time stuff, it hangs low and heavey, sparkles, and will not kill children unless they eat it.... I always marvel at people who are so paranoid about removing old lead paint off their walls. Do, children actually eat paint off walls and window sills? Mind you, if they were smart as a cat, they wouldn't. My cat ate tinsel off the tree every year...and I pulled out the back of her ass. She always had a "suprised" look on her face when I tugged it out..

I am sure my old plastic tree, will just breath a sigh of relief, knowing he will get a year off. Hee...not so, my ole lazy plastic tree, you are going outside on the deck to delight my neighbours with your brillant display of lights. It won't be so warm and cozy as it was beside the fireplace.

Just a warning about lead.

Lead is not for everyone.. don't drink it. And don't lick the paper after you have written your grandmother a letter with a pencil. That is my message for tonight. God Bless.

Balonie - Free Glitter Graphics

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