Friday, November 11, 2005


I have somewhat of a controlling nature, I like order, and basically I like everything done the way I want it to be done. My way or the highway. Unfortunately Gord has that same gene.

Today was the day Gord and I would spend the day together raking the back 40, and preparing for winter. Normally on any given day, we spend about three to four hours in each others presence. Now hold on. That's not a bad thing, because if it would be any longer, I would self destruct and so would he. It's not that we don't lurves each other, we just get on each other nerves if it gets longer. I'm good with it, and so is he.

I was dreading today, I was hoping like hell it would snow, so we didn't have to go through this annual ritual once again. When I woke this morning Mr. Sun was all over the place, and the temperature was at an all time high.


We only started after 11:00 PM after the Remembrance Day services on TV. That is something we always do together, and is very important to us and the veterans who gave us our freedom. I didn't even loose my poppy this year.

After that, it was interesting.

As I was raking I was thinking about my blog and thought about a setting rules that should be instituted for raping, oops raking the lawn with our personalities.

1.) Why, when we have 3 rakes, do we need a leaf blower? It takes a hundred time longer to get all the leaves out of all the corners with the blower...and it stinks like gas. And I am not even going to mention the noise. I was surprised our neighbor's didn't stone him. I really am.

2.) When putting leaves in the garbage bag, and you smell dog shit, see dog shit, why would you smell your hands? It's probable that you have some dog shit on your hands, and now you have some up you nose, after you HAD to smell it. Gord caught me smelling my hands, and asked if I had got "any on me"....I said yes, and wiped my hands on his jacket.

3.) I had an interesting experience with a twig. It was a pretty long twig, and I was trying to push it down into the garbage bag, when it sprung back at me, and went right up my nose. Right to the back. It felt like a medical experiment that had gone wrong. That's probably what if feels like in the hospital when they push all those tubes up your nose. Fortunately for me, this was organic. Yes it was. Fresh from the tree. I fear not any infections, it's like stuffing tofu up you nose, it's was a totally natural experience.

4.) Bend smart. While raking 5678 tons of leaves, one must take care to bend smart. Use you lower torso, to bring up your legs in a timely and smart fashion to deposit old smelly leaves in the bag. I followed the rules. I bent, and I actually got up a few times. I win. I actually think I am a few inches shorter after we were done. Some of my bones may collapsed in all the fun.

5.) When your spouse decides to "shake" the apple tree to remove all the old apples..(after you have told him not too, because you are saving them for the migrating Robins in spring.... and he gets beaned on the head with most of them...don't laugh...suddenly nothing is funny anymore!!

6.) Admit to making an error. Okay, when I put my pond in this summer, I made some bad choices. #1. it is way to small for the large area it is in. #2. I shouldn't have put all those bark chips around it. Now, that the leaves have fallen it's a mess, and no way to get them out. Not even Leif the Lucky, our Swedish leaf blower could get them out of there. I wore a little egg on my face, because I was pretty adament all summer that it would work out. But, it does look like shit. Well, I guess I will go to plan "B" next spring.

7.) Make a plan the day before to have enough garbage bags on hand. As we were coming down the home stretch we had one bag left. Phewww... and I put it over my head.

We actually had a good time gibitzing and making fun of each other all afternoon. The best part was playing with Penny, as soon as we raked a pile of leaves she was in it like a dirty shirt, and messed it all up. She's all tuckered out now, and so is balonie... time for a good stiff drink, and some pizza, and a nice warm waterbed to soothe the tuckered out old bones. Then get up tomorrow, and giver shit again.... I like life.

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