Wednesday, November 23, 2005


I had a Seinfeld day today. I was all about nothing.
I mean nothing.
I'm hungry for Turkey.

It's all youse Merican's fault.
It's all over the TV, the radio...everywhere I turn.

I want to jump into a large bowl of mashed potatoes nekid.
Yes, you heard me right. And make sure they don't have any lumps, cause I like it smooth.

I want to eat a turkey drumstick as big as the one Fred Flintstone would have had, although his might have been called a brontasoreassstick. But I wanna it...right frickin now!!

I want hominy and grits ( I think) , I want sweet pataters, I want beans and peas I have never heard of before.

I want to to fill up a hot tub with gravy, with a loaf of French bread, and die with a smile on my face.

I want to dive into a piece of punkin pie face first. Leave huge skid marks in the whipped cream and come out the other end looking like I was skiing in the alps.

I don't want any can keep that stuff because I is corny enough..y'know.

What can I wash that all down with? Nothing wrong with a little shot of home brew, just like pappy used to make.

You can keep the cranberries ...who the hell invented them? They are equivalent to my blog tonight, Nothing. And they I have watched them many a time sitting a nice china dish, with their "rings" showing fresh out of the can. I don't care if you make them yourself, they taste like shit unless you put 1,000 different things in them. And that goes for sweet potatoes, who would eat them, if you didn't make them into a veggie one.

It's all about the butta, the cream, da suga...yes it is. And thank
you God. She is a sweet meal she is.

To all my American friends, have a wonderful Thanksgiving:)

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