Thursday, November 17, 2005

On to other things

I'm sick of talking about the weather, jeez, you would think I am an old geezer already.

I'm gearing up for the Hollydays!! I used to have the worlds biggest Christmas graphic collection in thee world. I may have pilfered a trillion of them from any unsuspecting web-site...UNTIL..they got smart and put the old you say..."stop it moron, we're on to you, and you can't copy this pic.". Okay then. I get it! But, I was still smiling, because I had my stash, and what could they do to me? UNTIL.. two weeks, count them, two weeks before Christmas when my user friendly HP bit the dust. Cheeseandcrackersgotallmuddy!!!..I had obviously forgotten the term "back-up" as in computer back-up. I was pretty good at backing-up the big horking-honking van, I used to get my back-up when Gord pissed me off, and sometimes I even got my back-up off the couch. So, this meant I wouldn't be able to make my Christmas Cards. I cried like a baby. I searched through a 1000 CD's, hoping and praying, that maybe, just maybe,I accidentally made a back-up. NOPE..nuttin nadda. I had to send out "store bought cards" ewwwww they didn't even say, "from our house to yours, with your own personalized name on it." (jest kidding) I thought I could make the cards at work, but it didn't happen.

Two weeks after Christmas, I found a CD at work that said ..."Joan's xmas stuff from home"..(I know how to name a CD) well low and behold, there they were, not all trillion of them, but a good portion. So, that is what I am left with this year. So, to make this very long story shorter, I am going to post my favourite Christmas graphic with each post starting with this one.

Don't look so skeptical. You will be moved. Or ask me to move my blog. Something will happen. Probably my computer will bite it again...don't say that!!

Don't go away, I have another surprise...

If anyone of you blogger friends want to send me your address, in strict confidence, I will send you one of my famous Christmas Cards at no charge. I don't even take Play Pal. And if you don't, I will certainly understand. The internet can be evil. I can sent via email...and I shall, because everyone has been so nice to me since I started blogging shortly after Christmas this year.

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