Friday, November 04, 2005

Smelly stuff

It's Friday night, phewww it's been a long bugger of a week. I thought it would never ever end. But here it is, I have taken the dog for a walk, chosen the pizza I will order when Gord comes home later on, and can sit and enjoy some peace and quite without anyone making a ruckus around here.

Okay, then.

Now that I have the floor, I am tongue tied. In my head at work, I had yarns to tell on my blog tonight, and whilst I sit here none come to mind. I yearn for my yarns. All my sticky notes are at work. I was chuckling under my breath all day at the cleaver stuff I was going to write. Where did it go? It's still on my desk, and I hope my boss doesn't find it. Some of it was ..ummm a little over the top.

Well, there was one subject I wanted to touch on. When I was reading Ms. Brenda's blog this afternoon, she was talking about smelly farts, and how she got grossed out by it while shopping. Someone had let a really rotten one go!! My subject was going to be SMELL.

Smell, be it farts, perfume, dog breath, changes of the season, etc. have such a strong reaction in our brains. Either we go ewwwww or ahhhhh. We remember good times and bad, with a smell. I was reminded of this when I went to Altona last Saturday. I had the window open (because I was smoking) shhhh... and smelled something funny (no I was not smoking weed)..It was the Altona smell, which I had long forgotten. Altona has a sunflower processing plant that has been there since I was born, and when they go into production, you can always smell it. It's not a bad smell, it smells like your breath after you eat sunflower seeds. Although a little more potent. I immediately went back to my youth when that smell hit my senses. I remembered the plant, and my neighbor's who worked there. The plant had a horn, that blew at 12 o'clock sharp everyday, and everyone in town knew it was dinner time.

If I smell sauerkraut, I am mom used to make sauerkraut borsht, (which I hated) ... we had to eat for days and days...until we turned sour. It never ended. She always said, it tastes better the next day..and the next day, much longer will this taste good? Stop it. But money was tight and soup went a long way I guess. I didn't mind cabbage borsht, but not the sour crap. Yeah, I know, "balonie, you didn't live through the great depression, and you have got it so good now". I heard it a million times. I was never so happy as when the last of THAT pot of soup was goneso.

I love the smell of patchouli....I could live in that smell. That was in my hippy dippy era. I want to wear it right now. I want to feel like I did then, carefree and cool. When I smell it now, I just want to smoke a joint, crank up Janis Joplin, Santana, Jimmy Hendrix, Joe Cocker etc...and party. But, I grew up..phooey..

I love the smell of cigars and pipe smoke. My grandpa used to have the odd cigar, and smoked a pipe that smelled like apples. When I smell someone smoking a pipe or cigars, I will always think of him.

When I smell any perfume made by Estee Lauder...I want to puke and have a headache immediately. I don't know why. It makes my brain hurt.

I love the smell of dill. It reminds me of the days when my mom used to can pickles.

The smell after a thunderstorm, is awesome. It smells like earth, or dirt, or dirty know what I mean.

Farts are not generally a good thing, unless they are your own.

Roast beef cooking on a late Sunday afternoon. Very good for the soul.

New baby smell. They always smell so clean, and like baby powder.

New car smell. Very intoxicating, it makes you feel rich!

The smell of a new computer, just coming out of the box, is to die for. Caressing for the first time is also a rush.

Coffee perking in the morning while you are still in bed, smells luscious.

Wiping dog poo off your shoes and getting some on your hands, is not a savory smell, but it is a smell you will remember.

Burning stubble off the fields at dusk makes me think of home. It also makes me cough.

Diesel fuel. Always reminds me of our boat that sunk 768 times. That smell scares me.

The smell of bacon, and fried farmer sausage make my mouth water.

I have come to the conclusion, our noses are very important, so I guess I will keep mine.

I hope I don't receive a Nobel prize for this very intuitive blog entry, I would be embarrassed. Shucks!

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