Friday, November 18, 2005

Just some more blabbering

I lovvvvves this one to pieces.

I just got in from playing in the backyard with Penny. Well actually I was playing all by my little self. The weather has turned into snowman making temps. It's all sticky and stuff. I started making a snowman, but my creative juices kept telling me, "balonie" that all you got? I always hate it when balonie starts talking to me, she makes me do stuff I wouldn't normally do. You see, balonie is only about 20 years old and has no concept of how old her other personality (Joan) is.

Anyway balonie made me make a snowman, then she changed it into a dogman, then finally it turned out to be a polar bear. I likes the way the young ones think, nuttin written in stone, you can change your mind at the drop of a hat. The polar bear is tooooo cute. I didn't have any crap out there for decorations, so I put twigs in his arms and coated them with sticky snow, and made hims the cutest ever ears!! There was still a lot of stray leaves in the snow, so I make him some eyes and a button nose. This took a long time. Penny was constantly getting me to throw the ball in the deep snow so she could "seek"...her fav thing to do.

So, all and all, a good time was had by all, balonie, Joan and Pennykins.

It was too dark to take a pic, but I will do that tomorrow.

I love winter even if I bitch about it. BTW, an interesting thing happened this afternoon when I came back to work after lunch. The temp has warmed up considerably in the morning, and all the snow, that was on top of my big honking, horking van was getting jiggly..yes it was doing a little dance up there, I could feel it as I was driving. I must have been 2-3 foot high on top...which I couldn't reach when I tried taking off the snow.

I went over a set of railway tracks, that were ice rutted and mean...and I heard a rumble on top of old smoky...but nothing happened, then I turned the corner to get to my office, and lordy I heard somemore shifting going on!..just when I pulled into my parking space it all fell down the side of the van,....into my open side window!! Fertheloveofmike....yes, I was smoking and had the window open. It was like an avalanche. I thought it would go down the back of the van to some unsuspecting motorist, I never thought it would come down the side. But it is obvious when you look at the roof line ..where it will mostly likely land. I musta been driving in "balonie" mode.

It's Pizza night, and we might even build a fire, now that the snow has come ...under who's ass I don't's never dull around here. Things change in a heartbeat.

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