Tuesday, November 29, 2005

It's been a hectic weekend

On Friday when I posted my desire to entertain the internet with the follies of Zelda and Peter, I totally forgot my duty to family. I publish the family newsletter once a year. I be the keeper of the family records and shit. Sunday was the deadline. I have been harassing them for their contribution (family dirt) along with pictures for my newsletter. By Sunday afternoon I only had replies from 10 out of 15. So, I sent off a "terse" email asking them to get off their asses and get it to me or I would send it out without their stuff. Holy Moly....Auntie balonies has some clout.... Apologies abounded, dirt and pictures were sent. Fudge, this thing takes me forever to do, all I ask is that all the material is there when I start!! After all I am the Editor and Chief of the Schroeder Newsletter. I demand respect.

So, on Sunday afternoon it began...Usually I just type it up in Word and send it as an attachment. BUT, I had a balonie brain wave...why not make a family blog? That way when stuff happens in the family I can just add it on, and they can go to the blog and read it. So, this meant I had to make a new blog. I didn't want it attached to my blog...god forbid they see the shit I write. So, I got me a new Gmail address and started a brand new one. It's been over a year since I made one up, so I was diddling and dawdling and sweating and a sweating making up this new blog. TA-DA...all done. But, now I was much wiser than I was when I first made my blog, I wanted to put all the "pretties" on the side bar and stuff, so they would think I was SMART. I could see them looking at each other in awe..sayin.."how did she do that?" I had the reindeer with the all the blinkies on his antlers and such, blazing on the sidebar. I knew the animation would catch their attention and make me look even smarter...

So, I started this whole thing at 2:30 in the afternoon, and got finished at 12:30 that night......sigh. It was a long mother...editing...re-editing, taking out my swear words...adding more...lordyluvarelative.

Actually, I love doing it, but when it comes down to the crunch, and I have to put it together in one day, it gets a little overwhelming. I give them a month's notice and just save their emails for later. I never start it until I have them all, because I can't do it beforehand; I guess I like the pressure, it works better for me.

Yesteday I had to damage control. Some cousins didn't have a computer at home and were not allowed anything but email at work, no internet access. Could I send it as a email attachment? For Gord's Sake people...get a life you people, buy a computer already!! But I did my duty to the family and worked around it. I just copied the blog entry and put it in Word. I hope it worked. I did a test and sent it to myself and it seemed to work. But for some friggin reason it landed up in my SPAM folder. That alone took me over an hour to figure out. Fuck. Then one of my cousins sent me an email saying he had given me his daughters email address, but he hadn't seen her contribution in the newsletter. I emailed him back telling him I had sent it to her but she had not responded. Apparently, she had just moved to Calgary changed her email address...bloody hell. So..I sent her an invitation to make an entry in the newsletter, and she responded today, so I will have to notify everyone again that we have a new entry. Family...ya gotta luv em. I have to go back to the site today to see how much spam is in the comments section..Yesterday some asshole left a whole bunch of crap. I will have to put the controls on.

So, that's my explanation why Zelda and Peter didn't get it on Friday night.

Zelda had other stuff on her mind. Peter wanted to play, but after supper he was all petered out. Just like that. Thank the lord, so was Zelda. I like to call him Pierre when he isn't so tired, yanno French stuff and all..and he calls me ..well nothing..he was asleep. Thar we go. But I will regale you with stories that will make your hair stand on end, of what we used to do in front of the fireplace on a Friday night. It involved animals, wood, fire, and a sheep skin rug... with Willie Nelson singing softly in the background. Those were the days my friend. Okay, the dogs were only watching. JUST KIDDING..

I'm being a bad ass...so what!


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