Thursday, November 24, 2005

Penny's new winter coat me I don't like this..I do not.

Your not going to get that back part over my ass!!

I look like a wiener ... and would you quit with the camera already.

Sooo, how am I supposed to take dump??

I am soooo out of here.

I'm not moving an inch, unless you actually take me outside..and where the heck is me ball?

Now yer talking...lets blow this pop stand.........

After we came in from play time out in the back 40, I fed her and started up on the computer, and sort of forgot about her, because she goes down into the living room and lays down on her bed for a bit in front of the window. I just heard a thumping noise and went to see what was the matter, and here she still had her coat on, and had one paw out of the "paw hole" and had everyting all twisted up. I don't know how she got up the stairs "lordy." Poor Penny, jeez, she will never let me put that on her again!!

Wait until Christmas, she has to wear the Santa Hat again... If she ever runs away, I will know why. I don't know what the problem is, I have never crossed dressed her.

I might put her in ballerina dresses and pimp her out. After all, some Christmas cash would be helpful.

On a side note, don't be laughing at my kitchen flooring choice, I was drunk when I chose it. It looks like a whole bunch of 'old boys' dropped their cigars on the floor. When we first put it in I saw only one tiny swatch of it and thought it looked like marble, and said, hey cool, lets do that. Unfortantely, I have made so many poor choices in my life on the spur of the moment, and this was just yet another. On the upside, if I ever drop my cigarette on the floor, no one will be the wiser.

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