Monday, November 21, 2005 know what I mean.

I have put the Uncle Frank post on HOLD. I was going to include a shit load of pictures from the past, but my scanner thinks otherwise. I have a large streak going through the middle of the pic's. Either there is some dirt in there, or it is possessed. The later would be my guess. I will save it in word, and do it another time.

I had a very boring boring day. My boss is out of town, and I didn't have a damn thing to do. Well, that is not entirely accurate, I had stuff to do that could be put off, and I did. Whilst I was whiling my time away, I went into blogger and kept clicking the "next blog" feature. I have not done this, "forever". There is some wierd shit out there. Out of about 50 blogs I read today, I only saved 1 in my fav's. Every now and again there is a gem I have discovered. I was really getting hooked on this stuff, I even tried reading German, Spanish and Swedish blogs. Okay, I look at the pictures and tried to figured out what was going on. I really need a life for god's sake. I found one that had a pic of a bald guy with his face down on his desk, and had a face painted on his head...toooooo funny, I saved it at work. You had to be there...LOL..I'm still laughing.

But then the laughter stopped. I clicked into the "next blog"...and guess what came up? blog DASHBOARD. I kid you not. Now, how in the hell can that happen, anyone could have come and changed anything in my blog!! I wasn't even in my blog when I was doing this, I was in google blogs, and I had not put in a password or anything. vewwwwy strange. No wonder some blogs can be highjacked. I guess I might have to report this to Mr. Google, I am sure he has 3 trillion blogs to contend with, I am sure he's not too worried about my little piece of the pie. hmmm.

So, off to make some BQ'd chicken breasts, with wild rice and veggies...and hit the hay.... hay hay zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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