Sunday, November 11, 2007

Enough with the negativity

I loved the babee shower. And yes, I fell in love with a babee in attendance. I need this kid, and for some reason she liked me, even though I tapped her on the head with my straw from a glass of coke I was sipping on, 14 times. She wanted more. I turned around at one point and started talking to the people the table, and they would say..Joan..the kid is back for more. Then I would take my straw, and tap her curly head again...and again. Then I fell in love once again. I could do no wrong. Too bad my hormones only started to kick when I turned 62. I might of just made one for myself. Or, I just now started to like the little tots. I have always liked kids, but It's been over twenty years since I have been exposed to them, and hey, they are cute little midgets.

She looks just like her mom, my cousins daughter Jody.

It was fun, they had a private room rented out at "Boston Pizza"...and we were all served pizza and coffee and drinks....and later after the presents were opened we had cake.

It was perfect. And I feel I was such an asshole and wimpy scardy cat. What is wrong with me?

I had such a blast going there with my Cousins wife, who just lives down the street, she offered to pick me I didn't have to embarrass myself driving the stinking Lincoln to a reputable part of town. I did not need pimps offering me deals at a Babee Shower. Ev is such a hoot. We laughed so hard, my ribs hurt. I just love her.

So, my fears went unfounded as usual, and I knew they would. Maybe I should be a canditate for Prozac? Nahhh, I just have to turn my body around and try to kick my ass.

More pics from the shower I didn't want to go to... a little dark, because the room was dark.
This is Portia.....I liked her too.

Melissa, the soon to be Mom with Portia helping opening the presents

My fav niece Lisa....the love of my life. That piece of pizza seems to be floating near Ev on the left, all I would have had done was push it up...and she would have been wearing it. But I didn't. Because she makes me laugh... and of course she was driving ms. balonie home.. I used my better judgement.


Brenda said...

Of course she loved you Miz Joan, what's not to love?

That pizza sure looks good, I'm hungry.

Curtis said...

I'm glad you went to the party. It's good to get out and do something. I'm trying hard myself and since I got my new toy I have been around a bit just so I can drive the thing. You have a great week now ya hear.

Of course the kid is going to like you, you're a sweetheart.