Friday, November 09, 2007

The two people I loved more than life itself

Would have been married 71 years on Sunday. Here they are cleaning up the garden at my house the year before my dad died. They loved our shared garden. I wasn't helping... as you might have noticed, I was sitting at the picnic table have a martini. Yelling at them...hey.. people, this Garden won't clean itself up...hubba hubba. I offered up my garden to my parents after they retired (when my dad was 72) go figure. They used to have a garden plot closer to them, but after we bought our new house, and it had the world's largest garden.....I had to give it to them, before they found out I had a "black thumb". I am sure my mom thought she had taught me all the gardening stuff when we lived in the country. But, I was not paying attention, because if she would have planted "boys"...I would have been all over that. But that didn't happen. I didn't plant, weed and harvest nuthin, that didn't have boys in it.

We had a great time in our shared garden for about ten years. Mom and Dad would come over about twice a week to weed, water and fondle the plants after I came home after work. I really looked forward to those visits. My dogs were so crazy about them too, they knew the precise time they would arrive on those two days, and went looney when they saw them pulling up the driveway. Wiggles, my little black poodle couldn't wait till Mom (who always drank Pepsi) would put down her glass and give her what was left of it. How we laughed. We ususally sat at the old time picnic table ..the bench type. But I had lawn chairs scattered around the garden area too, and one day my dad decided to have a rest on one of them. Unfortunatley the ground was uneven and he went over backwards!!! God, it scared the crap out of me...but he just rolled out of up, with his drink in hand. He did not spill a drop. We laughed some more.

My dad was my fishing buddy, or maybe I was his. We loved fishing. In my younger years we would fish anywhere there was a body of water. He taught me how to bait a hook, how to tell if a fish was nibbling, and how to reel him in. My mom taught me how to cook them. Catfish.... yummm ... I can just taste them now fried in butter. My bro and me like the tails best. Mom used to crisp them up in the pan just for us. I think Ketchup was involved later.

How I miss those days. Family. I don't have any left except my brother and his family, but it's just not the same without the parents. We seem to go our own ways.

Happy Anniversay you don't know how lonely it is without you.


Brenda said...

There's nothing in the world more precious than time spent with family. You are so lucky to have these wonderful memories of your parents Miz Joan.

Special K said...

I like the softer side of Balonie. :)

AndiePandie said...

What a nice story Joan. :)

Bobbie said...

Comparing the two photos, your parents weren't just gardeners, they were miracle workers!

This post is such a nice tribute to your Mom and Dad.

Take care and enjoy your weekend.