Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I'm tired and I wanna go ta bed

Internet: Well, what are you waiting for balonie?

Balonie: What's it to you Internet Scminternet?

Internet: If you are tired, why are you tying up space and saying "dick" all?

Balonie: ummm.. ohh realllllllly.

Internet: Balonie, you might have to re-think posting absolute crap on our dime... every damn night.

Balonie: I pay my fricking Internet provider 40 bucks a month to bore you to death everyday. So put that in your pipe and smoke it .. I'll post whatever I wanna. And guess what, today I had two bowel movements. HA! How anal and boring is that.

Internet: We knew you were full of shit when you signed up, and I can see we were right.

Balonie: Listen up Internets.... when I signed up, I said WYSIWYG...what part of that didn't you understand?

Internet: What we understood by that was: What. You. See. Is. Women. Young. Going (nakid). We totally thought you were a porn site. We were so disappointed when we saw you had no interest in sex as we see it. How old are you anyway? We will unlink you from our porn sites. Your blog has no business in the sex trade. Could we interest you in a new venue for seniors..we call it CYCPOYSA. (Crafts.You.Can.Paint.On.Your.Spouces.Ass). A blog giving suggestions on what to paint, where to paint it, and what happened after you painted it. I'ts still a little sexy, but it will work well for all those that are a little slow on the draw..heh...and for the handicapped it would be a blessing. It's a win win as far as we see it on the Internet.

Balonie: Yeah, I'm in... I'll paint any one's ass for a price. What's your best offer?


Brenda said...

Hahaha, and what sort of paint medium will you use?

AndiePandie said...

Permanent? LOL LOL

And yeah, I can't tell if that person in your header is a male or female. Is that bad?