Tuesday, November 06, 2007


I forgot to post yesterday. I need a whack on the ass. I'm no longer in the running, I'm a loser.

I'm just paying em back for not giving me a prize last year. heh...not really! Too much going around here I guess. I remembered it about 12:15 dang!! OR maybe they won't notice.....shhhhh be very quite.... I will carry on with my boyfriend thingie anyway, but that's not too interesting. It didn't end well. Opps, I gave away the ending. Can't I do anything right? Fortheloveofreesespieces PEOPLE! hmmmm Reeces Peanut Butter cups...smooth and yet not too smooth, peanutbuttery yet not to peanutbuttery. There I said Nut and Butt in one word. That should put in back in NABLOPOMO good books again, for being so smart. I think I'm back in folks!

No snow here yet...cross yer fingers and toes for me. I'm still driving the big ole beast. First I spelled that breast.. my mistake..ha! I'm driving the big ole breast. yeahhhhh, I drive my breasts, like cattle on a ranch..very small cattle. My cattle seem to be getting smaller every day. They don't mooo like used to. Now they are going nayeeee.. like goats or something. By golly wouldn't sound effects be great on blogger, let me go over there and give them my new idea for a better blogger experience. If you could hear my breasts talking to each other.... Cool.

Breast #1 to breast #2: Hey skin with a nipple...what's shaking?

Breast #2 to breast #1: Fuck you

Breast #1 to breast #2: Chill out man, have you ever heard about gel bra's?

Breast #2 to breast #1: Yeah, but it don't make em any bigger stupid.

Breast #1 to breast #2: Hey, don't be getting your nipples all in bunch.. I was just trying to help ..flatty Mchatties. I'm in the same boat, but without the attitude.

Breast #2 to breast #1: Duh...well yeah, you were the girl who wouldn't agree with the implants, you flat piece of shit. We needed two to tango my friend.

Breast #1 to breast #2: Oh yeah, I forgot about that...we would have looked kind of silly on Joan. One big cushy one on the left and skin on a nipple on the right.

Breast #2 to breast #1: Yeah so lets do it.....just the one...she is going to be so pissed.



Brenda said...

I'd sit those two boobs down and have a stern talk with them if I were you. :-)

JUST A MOM said...

hey I was just here and came back and you took the guy on the crapper off ,,, uuuummmmmmm your talk too? mine talk about well never mind.

just stoppin to say hey