Sunday, November 18, 2007

Now isn't that a cute little guy?

He oozes sweetness...for some reason this little guy is still with me, through at least 4 computer crashes. I always find him even though my backup's were sporadic and sloppy.

A couple of years ago I made Christmas Cards with the little guy and the bird. It was a big undertaking because ...well you got to print all that shit out without your printer going AWOL. Which happened many a time. It would print the outside and it wouldn't print the inside...inside outside....let's just call the whole thing off!! Forget it! I like to do something homemade and special, like the cards ...

Let's remember the year I tried to crochet 5 afghans in the month of November, and got carpal tunnel syndrome in my wrist. One could say, she should have started in ...let's say July. Well you would be wrong, because I only move when my spirit moves me. When that force kicks my ass, I am off an running. Nothing stops me. Until my wrist turned on me. Jeez, I can't remember a more painful experience. I couldn't even help"hippychick" move the next summer because I couldn't move that sucker. It lasted a whole year. So, now I will just give presents that require no effort. But in my heart of hearts, I would love to do some homemade stuff, it just makes me feel so good. Maybe once I am retired I can do it at a slower pace and not get so wired. But I wouldn't count on that.

I got me some good fixin's in the oven. Sweet and Sour Pork Chops+meatballs. I have changed up the recipe a bit for our new lifestyle changes....but it sure smells good. I forgot to buy salad fixing yesterday, so we will have it with rice and green beans instead of salad.

It snowed today...yes the first snowfall of the season. And yes, the Lincoln still is without brakes and shit..... Gord's new truck should be here by next week. Wish me luck...while I kiss my ass goodbye. He will get them fixed tomorrow, but I still don't like driving that big mother F*n pimpmobile in the snow... If I don't scream "old fart" while driving it...nothing does. Now I will be the cautious "old broad" out there that pisses everyone on the road off. I hope Angel Man will magically appear in my passenger seat and guide me home. Then, I will take him and his fluffy feathers, jump into the HUGE backseat of the Lincoln and bless him.

buhbye for this year Angel Man... or maybe I will see you tomorrow?


Brenda said...

The puppy is very cute but that header doesn't bring the same tears to my eyes as Angel Man did.

Stay safe, we don't want Angel Man taking you off anywhere.

Joan said...

Ahhh..Brenda Maybe I'll give him a little stint in December..somewhere.