Monday, November 12, 2007

A girl can't get nuttin done

This girl, had her share of senior moments much as I hate that term, it applied.

Today was a holiday, and I started my laundry at 11:06 AM. (yes I got up before 12:00) on a holiday Monday. I threw the first load in, went back upstairs and had my coffee and read the newspaper. Gord had to go, so I threw some lunch together, cleaned up and did some blog walking. I went back downstairs about 1/2 an hour later, and found that my washer had taken a walk around the laundry room. I guess the load must have been unbalanced and she took herself for a walk. I pushed it back against the wall and aligned it up with the dryer. I thought I would just be able to put the timer back on spin cycle and away she would go. But no. Son of a bitch, I really didn't need this today, because I did babee showering yesterday on my laundry day, ...and I wanted this day FOR MY SELF. So, finally I had to phone my appliance repairman husband. Yes, he mumbled on the phone, I will come home and ..mumble mumble...

He got here around 2:00 PM. He went downstairs, stuck a little screwdriver on something or other and that bad ass started to spin. Well, shit. Just to make a long story short, I tried to put it back on spin cycle when I had the lid open.....welllll, yeah I guess it won't start to spin. Someone could loose a limb. He gave the evil eye and went back to work, and charged me 35.00 bucks for the service call. You would think I would get a family discount, because like we are MARRIED.

It didn't end there. When your day has gone to hell it will stay in hell.
It was almost 2:30 before I found enough change in all my winter jackets and various purses to pay him. heh..

So, I spun the wet clothes out in the washer (with the lid closed this time) and put them in the dryer and put another load in the washer. Then I parked my ass at the kitchen table and did some surfing on the Internet on my laptop. About half an hour I went back down to check the dryer....and they were wet! WTF! Well, I had forgot to turn the dryer on. Good grief! I took the clothes out of the washer that were already washed, threw them on top of the dryer, and threw in another load into the washer. Then I turned on the dryer again, to dry the FIRST LOAD. Can you follow me?

I went back upstairs and decided I had to go and pick up a few groceries while the FIRST load was drying (again). I came back an hour later. Went back down stairs, opened the dryer door, and they were still very very damp!! OYY. Then I looked on the dryer settings, fortheloveoflint, I had it on FLUFF. Cold setting. People, the time was now 5:00 PM in the afternoon and I hadn't finished one stinking load of laundry. I remember putting it on FLUFF or something like that last week to dry some pillows. And left it there.

It's 11:15 PM...and the last load just finished. They were big loads mind you, I don't just put two items in a load, I cram that sucker. And I wonder why my clothes are always wrinkled. Don't tell Gord. I don't need another lecture.


Brenda said...

Hahahahaha! Excellent example of a useless day. Love it!

Linda said...

Oh Joan, it sounds like my day too, full of senior moments and a few brain farts in between!!! ;-)

Special K said...

Maybe you should get Gord to make your machines coin-operated. Then you'd never forget to use the right settings.