Saturday, November 03, 2007

Larry pulled into our driveway two days later

And asked me if I wanted to go for a ride. I said ohhh yeah. I went in and asked my parents if I could go, and they said yes, but I had be home by 10:00PM. (They met him).

We drove around our little town for about an hour and talked, got to know each other and had a hamburger at the the Dairy Queen, and headed back home. And we had a goodnite kiss....oy, ... now I was in love.

He was back the next evening (you have to remember this was a time when picking up a phone was not an option we lived to two different countries, but only 7 miles apart .. and his parents would have shot him if called long distance.)
... at my doorstep.

He asked if I wanted to go for another ride. I asked my parents and they said yes, but I had to finish my homework first. He offered to help. We sat at the kitchen table, and I batted my long eyelashes at him with much vigor, he almost fell off his chair. He was smitten with me. We managed to get the algebra questions done with and then we would be on our way. As we were leaving Mom said I had to be home by 9:00 PM.... so that just left us .. 1 hour to kiss our faces off. It's funny I was only used to kissing one guy, my first boyfriend, and this guy kissed differently...not in bad way ... different. I was still a virgin kisser. More on kissing as this goes be continued....


Brenda said...

Ok, now I'm trying to remember when, and where, and with, who I had my first kiss.

katerina said...