Saturday, November 17, 2007

Hey I have great news

I cleaned my fridge. hold on.....Don't be so quick to hit the delete button partners....

There is fridge cleaning... and there is fridge clean up. I did both. I have two hefty garbage bags waiting for de garbage mon. This also includes crap I cleaned out of my cupboards.

The house feels "light".... even as I sit here in my little office, I can hear angels singing in my kitchen. I haven't seen Angel Man yet, but he never shows up until Christmas...the little minx.

I went shopping today, and my brakes went out on me, again. I should stop walking so fast j/k.

Fucking car!!

The poor ole stinking Lincoln isn't used to being used as a family car, and now she is getting cranky and pissing out brake and power steering fluids. All she wants, is to put back in the garage for winter like she was for 20 years. I feel sorry for her, we used up what she had left by driving her so much this summer. Yeah...cry me a river...

I'll take Angel man off get your fill of him today.... savour the moment.


Dorie said...

I find myself wondering about Angel Man. He's perfect.He should be in medical books as a perfectly proportioned human being. I think I'm going to search the Internet and see who he is. Don't tell my husband or Fabio!

Brenda said...

I'm gonna tell dorie's hubby that she's lusting after an man angel. Ha!

I need to clean my fridge, thanks for reminding me.

You should go on strike what with having to drive your cranky Lincoln. Appears she's already striking and she might get you killed if you don't join her.

Joan said...

I had to take man down, He got me so nervous yesterday I could't spell.

Rhea said...

Speaking of cleaning, I've been on a kick to get rid of stuff. I sold two antique chairs last week, gave away an old grill and so on. I love the feeling of lightening up!