Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Lozza more snow on the way tonight

I don't care...bring it on. I have a 4 wheel drive.

Gord isn't home yet, our rental building has slowly become almost "vacant"...so we are scrambling for tenants. This happens every 5 years or so. So he has been advertising, etc. and is showing the offices to a potential tenant tonight. It's funny how that goes, every now and again when leases are up, or it's time to move on with those that don't have one....poof they are gone! I hate being a Landlord. I hate it with all my heart. But, this is our second income, and it will have to stay that way until we sell the building, and it couldn't come soon enough for me. Once we retire, that will be our cash in the bag. Until then..."grief."

I remembered to charge my cell phone tonight. I never do. I always wonder why nobody phones me. But, now that ole man winter has set in, I'm thinking ..hey.. I might just need to phone someone to pick me out of a ditch or something. So, I'm getting a little better at this, but the only problem is.......... I forget to take it out of the charger in the mornings... I could be dead in a ditch and no one would know. On second thought, if I would be dead in a ditch, I wouldn't have need the phone, would I? Perhaps it's time I went to bed, I seem to be going in circles tonight.

I didn't I'm still here

I need to tell you about my Christmas Tree challenges. I want a new (artificial tree) this year. I am going away from the traditional, and want a prelit frosty looking one. I think it's called "flocked." hmmmmm... yeah. I want a flocked Christmas tree. They look beautiful. I did say flocked didn't I? ...with out laughing....ahhhaaa now I can't stop laughing. I was all over the Internet today trying to buy one, and apparently flocked trees are more expensive than virgin trees. What gives? So, I'm thinking I will just have to buy a big ole can of phony snow and flock my old tree. I never thought I'd be that lonely. But a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

I hope she/he respects me in the morning.



Susan said...

You never know when that cell will come in handy.
I want a new fake tree this year too. My old one is just so dusty. Last year I tried giving it a bath, but its just a dust magnet. When I get a new one, I will rub it all over with a bounce sheet.

Mary Lou said...

I was thinking about a pre-lit artificial tree, but today on the news was a story of a family that just lost their home to a fire caused by a pre-lit tree...go figure!

Flocked trees are VERY pretty.and if you get a fresh tree and have it flocked on the lot, then it is fireproof, and the needles dont drop off. or so they say!!

YAY!! She has her car back!!!

Dorie said...

I grew up in Southern California and flocked trees just fit right in. In fact, you could get them pink, light blue and mint green! Like living in Candyland!We don't do a big tree anymore. We have a prelit in a box- 2 pieces. And I leave the balls and the garland right in the box with it- practically instant tree!

Brenda said...

I bought a fake white tree this year and gave Jerri my narrow, green, fake tree because her large tree takes up so much room. The only one I could find was pre-lit though and I didn't really like that. It looks ok though. I like real trees but they make a hellous mess on the carpet.

Bobbie said...

My sister got a flocked tree last year. It looks beautiful but when the furnace came on, the flocking blew all over the place! This year she's going to cover the air vents in the living room.

Take care and hope you're staying warm.

Joan said...

I cannot believe the prices of the trees.........holy moly.

canuckabilly said...

I've never flocked a tree before...oh my now I'm starting to sound like you. Glad you got your 4X4 back. Mine is on the road while the new babe sits quietly in the garage awaiting clear weather and roads.