Monday, November 26, 2007


I got my my Explorer back. No more Stinkin Lincoln. It was sticky business, and it almost came to the last moment before the big snowfall before we could put er back to bed. Phewwwww. Long story short, Gord found a van that he doesn't really like, and it's my fault because he didn't buy one earlier. Hey, I have big shoulders, lay it on man!

He had to back peddle a little last week when the brakes became wonky, and he took it out during a mild snowfall, and spun out and ended up backwards in someones driveway. He always told me, don't worry about the brakes...just keep on pumping them...they will stop! Fortheloveofcanadiantire.....take it in and get it, they still stop if you pump them!! He had a van lined up that very afternoon. Isn't that funny, I bitch about something and until he experiences's not a problem. Jest us ole folks nattering.

That chapter is over. I am sure a new chapter will open. OY VEY... I should have been Jewish, because it is really "always something" around here, you don't know the half of it, and the guilt...oy.

Lots of snow here today. But who gives a shit, I got a 4 wheel drive....winter can kiss my snowy white ass.

My poor Penny Loafer, was really disappointed today when I wouldn't go down and play with her in the snow tonite. The winds were just a howling, and I didn't have the jam to jam with her out in the cold. She is looking at me right now, with those huge sad brown eyes, and it is breaking my heart. But do I want to freeze my ass off? No. Do I want to disappoint a little doggie who has been patiently waiting for me to come home all day in anticipation of playing ball in the back yard? No. So what should I do? Fuck it..... I'm going out...where are my boots?


Brenda said...

I'm glad you got out of that deathtrap! Still got the snow plow on?

Didja build a snowman while you were out playing ball with Penny?

Dorie said...

I find it funny that my dogs hate the rain, but they want to go out and frolic in snow. (none here yet-knock wood!)

AndiePandie said...

Mr. AP is the same way. It isn't an issue until he experiences it and then it's, "Hey maybe we should..." He drives me bonkers sometimes.