Thursday, November 15, 2007

I have a google issue..get me a tissue

I am trying to translate a web site from French to English. Google says its done that, but when I get on the web site, it's FRENCH. And Google has says "this web site had now been translated to English." Lying bastards! Non. No comprehend...whatever! assholes (meaning the web site I am trying to go on) why are trying to sell your wares all over the world on your website, and you don't even take the time out to get your webmaster to allow for the choice of ....ENGLISH OR FRENCH? You let Google try to translate it... and you can see how well that went.

I can't believe I live in a country where we can't communicate. We were all told many years ago that if we were going to try to get jobs in this country we would have to be able to communicate in French and English. Our Government spent trillions of dollars putting both French and English on every products we buy, because Quebec demanded it. And now French is a language that is taught in most schools. I don't have a problem with that at all. Everyone should have a second language.

So, why couldn't I speak to the receptionist at the car dealership in Quebec I called today. I can't speak French, she can't speak English.. do we really live in the same country? I am confused. I may as well have called France. Quebec is only ONE Province in Canada, why do they have this power? Why is the rest of the countrty expected to speak their language? Yes, we have French speaking communities in our area, but they can also speak English for god's sake, they don't have to have read labels in French.

Most of this country is English speaking, and to force us to learn and speak French for one Province is absurd. They are the minority, it's up to them to make the change not the rest of us. I pay for that every fucking day I buy a can of soup...and Safeway is obligated to have the French and English sides showing equalling... on each brand and each kind of soup. It's mind boggling.

So that's my beef for tonite. Hopefully tomorrow I will lighten up, because I'm getting sick of myself. And of course the Canadian Government. Bastards!


Brenda said...

Here we have the Spanish labels for all those, who are mostly, illegal residents. Sometimes I have to search for the English portion of the label and that pisses me off too!

Dorie said...

The manual for our shortwave radio is big and fat because the instructions are printed in English, Spanish, French AND German. (surprised they didn't throw in Arabic and Chinese) Maybe there's something to be said for all of us learning Esperanto!

Special K said...

The funny thing is the only officially bilingual province is New Brunswick. Who the hell ever thinks about New Brunswick?