Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I'm still pretending Nablopomo doesn't know something I am hiding

Ahhh shits...they will catch me. I tried to change the dates in (edit posts)..I know!, I was going to cheat. What does that say about my character?...well, maybe I always like to win. I totally fucked myself up. I have to pay the consequences..........unless they don't notice...heh

If I post really small, I just might be under their radar.... What if they have a prize for the blogger that try's to screw the NABLOPOMO system? I would think they would have something like a "Creative explanation for not posting on the day you were supposed to." AND still give me a prize for going to bed with a really hot 63 year old guy with a gimpy leg and a heart condition and forgot about posting. I should win a prize for that. I should win the Nobel prize.


Dorie said...

Just keep on a posting- maybe they'll make a new category "posted nearly every day in November" I almost didn't make it on Saturday because my web host was down.

JUST A MOM said...

Stop by and get your gift,,

Brenda said...

This whole month is flying by too fast for me. Going to bed with Gord was probably better for you than sitting at the puter anyway. :-)