Friday, November 16, 2007

I brought back Angel Man

He restores my soul... and he's not bad on the ole eye balls either. I bring him back every November..and again sometimes in December, because I like his feathers. I wonder what he is doing for a living right now? Probably making goose quilts in a convent ..with nuns hovering around him.... trying to smell him, while he diligently works at his craft of making goose quilt covers for the needy this time of year. He is my Santa.

Ever since my parents told me there wasn't a Santa (that was the day I set fire to the house) I have waited for him to return, then two years ago I found Angel Man and my hope was restored. ...and here he is again two years in a row. He must be real. Because his picture has not self destructed in my hard drive. I take that as a good sign.

Last year at Christmas I put out milk and cookies for him ..beside the fireplace....and they were untouched, and I was so sad. However, this year I have a plan. Knowing he is part..Angel and part hunky man.... I might set out some treats for the both of them to enjoy. For his Angelness part, I am putting out "clouds in a blanket" unlike pigs in a blanket it won't have a thick covering of lard. I was thinking .."air" trapped between a tempura coating, lightly fried in Canola oil. And for his manly side, I was thinking of going with beef. Until I realized I have a dog and it would be gone before he got down the chimney. So I looked at Angel Man again and again, and came to the conclusion, he probably is a vegetarian. So I am leaving him a head of broccoli wrapped up in ribbon. I was going to do Brussels sprouts, but they look like two balls tied in ribbon...and I didn't want him to get the wrong idea.


Brenda said...

I was really, really feeling like shit and you made me laugh. Lordy, you're a hoot!

I hope Angel Man leaves you all loved up in feathers this year!

Lu said...

omigosh!!! Just like she says'you're a hoot'!!
Thank you for the feather angel man and making my week, more or less!!

Susan said...

OMG Joanie,
I was in stitches reading this!