Saturday, November 24, 2007

Just a minute I have a meme type thing to do

This is from Dorie...thanks!

You are supposed to go on Google and type in your name (Joan) needs, and see what comes up.

Mine came up...Open Book: All your Pope Joan needs? I didn't know women could be Pope. You guys can call me "Your Popeness." heh!

I liked the second one best: Its came up "Joan Needs A Man" ha~

The next one was to answer a question using the first letter of your name (J)

Musical Group: Jam Tart ~ is my nose growing?
3 letter word: Jam
Gift I'd Like: A jar of JAM
A vehicle or transport: Jaguar -- cause they gotta lot of JAM
TV Show: JAM - Jam is a British comedy television series created by Chris Morris. It was based on the earlier BBC Radio 1 show, Blue Jam, and consisted of a series of unsettling sketches unfolding over an ambient soundtrack- see I did my homework!
Country: Jamaica Mon
Boys Name: Jamel
Alcoholic Drink: Apple Jamtini
Occupation: Jam Broker
Flower: Jamcyle Lily
Celebrity: Prince Jammy (look it up!)
A word you shout: JUCK THAT FAM

okay, i made a few up.


Brenda said...

Pretty darn good meme there Miz Joan.

Joan said...

Brenda, you are way to kind... I was being a monkey and farted around with it ... maybe a tad to long...