Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ha.. I love the guy with the rolling pin on my header

Her/his face says everything, no words are needed.

"Take one more step sucka...and you will be wearing this rolling pin." That's the way I've been looking at Gord these days...as he is still looking for a van ..SO I CAN HAVE MY TRUCK BACK!...ohhh sorry I hope you had your volume turned down.

The search is still on. Tomorrow ...we should have a resolution. Or not %^&%$$

And it can not come soon enough. nuff said.

My last load of laundry is still sitting in the dryer from yesterday. I decided it wasn't ripe enough, so I let it sit there one more day, until I need something to wear from that load.

I had such a shit pile of crap to do today after work, I almost stuck my head in the oven. But once I put the chicken in for supper, I was glad I didn't put my head in that dirty pile of crap. I have a self cleaning oven!! But it never seems to clean itself. Do I have to push a button or something? Yeah I know I do. But I don't. It takes two hours, and I have to be in attendance, and I rarely am in attendance in my kitchen for two hours at a stretch. So, for now it looks like the bottom of one of those grease pits where you get your cars oil changed.

You know what pisses me off. Most American companies are still only giving us our money at par. Bastards! They were only too fricking happy to charge our asses off all these years when their money was worth more than ours, and now they won't calculate the exchange rate on a daily basis, like we used to have to pay with theirs. I'm going to start glaring at their flag. I know they don't take kindly to any kind of flag shenanigans... so youse Americans I'm Glaring.. I didn't say I was going to burn it or anything, but if my glare gets too intense, it might just ignite, and that would not be my fault. We have been paying exchange since the 60's fortheloveofmike! Give us a little break..would ya. Phone your President, and tell them Balonie .... is a little ticked.


Anonymous said...

I think that's a guy...

Dorie said...

I think the US is headed for a Recession. Not sure if it's because of the $3-4 gallon gas or the $5 gallon orange juice; Perhaps the mounting debt for the war in Iraq. You might see scurvy Americans hitchhiking down the road someday.

Brenda said...

Hmm, I think that's a guy too, or a butt ugly girl.

You know those American companies have got to gorge the hell out of everyone before the Democrats come into office and stop all the bullshit.

Joan said...

You know, I never saw the sideburns....ahhh ha...good one one me. I just thought it was an ugly chick...man I'm stupid.

Joan said...

I went and changed it. Lawdy...I have to get my glasses readjusted. But, he does have a Rosie O'Donnell thing going on.

Brenda said...

I've known women who had sideburns, even beards. :-)

JimBob said...

You've obviosly forgotten to eat you corvine repast lately... NOW THAT SUMMER IS OVER!

I seem to recall that certain types of economies seem to perk right along.

What was that old saying? 54 40" or fight?