Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I am Memeless

Today was the first snowfall of the season, so of course I had to change my template.

I couldn't find the Meme Brenda said she sent in my email, and Dories link didn't work. What are you people trying to do to me? I guess I gotta make my own. This won't be pretty. And you have heard it all before.

What is your least favourite car:

1979 Lincoln mint condition except for the brakes; don't get me started. If they fail some little sucker in a Honda is going to be crushed like a bug.

Does your husband ever piss you off:

Why, yes he does. Because he won't fix the brakes on the Lincoln before spring. He bought a new van yesterday, but I haven't seen it yet, so I am still doing my imitation of a kamikaze pilot on the streets of Winnipeg in the Lincoln..with shaky brakes. He has a myriad of faults I won't go into here right now. Oh yeah, he won't become computer literate....but makes me look up every boring thing he is interested in on the Internet. That sucks the big one.

Why do your shoes smell funny?

Because my backyard is still covered with leaves, hiding the dog's personal toilet. Unfortunately I didn't notice my shoes were covered in fecal matter until I walked in from the patio, through the kitchen, into the hallway, down the stairs to the front door to take off my shoes. A little to late with a trail of shit behind me.

Do you still make your own wine?

Yes I do. My inventory is a little low at the moment. I actually had to go to the liquor store and buy the real stuff. I have some brewing, and actually stepped up the process because I don't have the time to sit around waiting for it to do it's thing. I shaved a week off the processing time. Go me! You know the saying, "no wine is fine before it's time".... time is only in the palette of the beholder.

How is Penny Loafer doing?

Penny turned 8 in November. She has been an a amazing dog compared to the little darlings I had before her. No vet bills in 8 years other than check ups and her shots. Touch Wood! She is slowing down a bit, and I worry about her long back and try not to let her go crazy chasing the ball and squirrels outside. We have so many stairs in this god forsaken house, so it's a challenge for any dog to do the multitude of stairs.

Walks are still a challenge, she still wants a piece of every dog she encounters. So I have sneak around the neighbourhood. So, to keep the peace I put up with it, because I know she will never be any different. She is wonderful to any people that come to our home, but when she is outside it's a different story. She wants to protect us from any intruders. She is..who she is.

Why do you blog?

I don't know. Sometimes I want to just up and quit, and the next minute I want to sit down and write. It's a little crazy. All I know is I am glad I found blogging. I used to go on chat lines years ago, but that got old pretty quick. I don't really know why I do's just something I love to do.

How has the weight loss been going?

Super, I am maintaining about 138 lbs. The perfect weight for me. I have never been obsessed with my weight, it has yo-yo ed from 135-160 over the last 30 years. Usually I can maintain 150...but just when I'm not looking or thinking about it, it goes up. Usually when I am in a happy place. When I am content and don't have a lot of worries. As soon as any shit hits the fan, I cannot eat and and I loose weight like crazy. But this time I am aware of what triggers my moods and even if I feel content, I don't just overeat. Hell, I don't ever overeat. I don't even like food that much. I just relaxed too much and make bad food choices. Not anymore.

I'm even wearing low rise jeans........I still got my mom jeans for comfort, but I got a few ass kicking low risers I wear when I wanna feel young.

What is your biggest fear?

Driving the Lincoln

What is your favourite food?

Barbecued Baby Back Ribs, with rice and salad. Forever. It's been a year since I tasted them. Lordy.

What is you favourite dessert?

I'm not much of a sweet eater, but if I had a choice....Banana Cream,Cherry or apple pie. I lurves anything pie.... with a little vanilla ice-cream on top. The rest can go the hell. Oh, I just forgot I like Carrot Cake, but without the icing. I used to like a cake my mom used to make when we were young. It was a angel food cake, and she would put an icing on it called "gone with the wind" icing. I loved it. It was light and a little crispy after it cooled down. I'm not a good baker, so I haven't even tried to figure it out.

How come you keep changing your templates?

Because I'm getting to old to keep changing my furniture around my house. I used to do that on a monthly basis. Gord never knew where the couch or the bed was going to be after he got home from work. I was ... like crazy....not like I am now...heh. I still pull a few switches, but not like I used to. So, my templates have become my "change of scenery"... it's much easier than trying to move that couch around...or my office...Lord I moved my computer to every corner you could imagine. Thank God for laptops!! I still use my desktop when I am writing my blogs, it just feels right.

What's for supper tonight?

Grilled chicken breasts in mesquite sauce...rice and salad. Dessert: Sliced apples. Have you tried the new Honey Crisp Apples that are out now....yummmers.

Do you have gas?
Why, yes I do. Did you just hear me fart? I apologize ... it was not lady like. It wasn't loud.. Gord always says the "smell was for the benefit of those that didn't hear it." I hope he enjoys it.
I will wrap up my homemade Meme...and you will be left with nothing you didn't know before. That's the way I like it.
Happy Thanksgiving to all my Merican friends....I'll be thinking of you while you are eating all your traditional yams, green bean casseroles, deviled eggs, and of course Tom da Turkaaaay. And let's not forget the cornbread. I have never had a green bean casserole, deviled eggs or cornbread.... so invite me down next year, it sounds interesting. I had yams once, and it wasn't bad.
Happy Thanksgiving!!


Dorie said...

Hi-My least favorite "car" is d'hubbys 1988 Ford Ranger truck. Loathsome stick shift and no power steering!
Green Bean casserole ain't health food (too much sodium). It's easy to make: BIG can of green beans (drained), 1 can of mushroom soup, 1/2 can of french friend onions (mixed in) and the other half to top the casserole and bake until bubbly. You don't make it up there? I thought it showed up everywhere, like tuna hot dish! Hugs!

JUST A MOM said...


Joan said...

Dorie, I know why I haven't tried it. I wonder why people like it? Tradition I suppose. I am a sodium freak...I eliminate it where ever I can. But it's really hard trying to buy stuff without it. Tuna Hot Dog Dish...lord that's enough to make me throw up!

Jaye...I've been saving this template since last Christmas, and I couldn't wait no longer.

Brenda said...

Looking a little like Christmas in here. I guess I'll be having to change my template around soon too since I can't move the danged furniture either.

Loved the meme!

KB said...

Whoot I forgot how funny you are Joan!! Low rise jeans, you go girl!!!

Joan said...

KB!!!I haven't seen you forever! Hope everything is well with you.